Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials

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Now, more than ever before, the bathroom is a safe haven; somewhere that we go to relax and rejuvenate and enjoy some alone time. As such, bathroom interior design has taken on a new level of priority for homeowners, developers, and interior stylists alike, who all look to seek out the finest and highest quality materials which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

In this blog post we will be introducing some of the most popular countertop materials to transform your bathroom, with all of the below used around sinks, atop independent counters, and in decorative space to name just a few common uses. 


Laminate has gained a bit of a reputation for being widely used back in the 50’s and 60’s, presenting homeowners with a cost effective method of covering their floors and their countertops with vibrant colours and designs. The problem however is that all that laminate is now peeling and revealing its true colours – and is gradually being replaced by authentic hard materials for the modern natural look.

The good thing about modern laminate is that its presentation is now much better and so you can still choose laminate without having to go down the multi-coloured patterned look. However, it is still a lightweight material finish which will not offer the same durability as other materials on our list. With laminate, you get what you pay for. 


Solid-surface is formed from a blend of acrylic and polyester particles to create something which looks remarkably like stone but is a little more artificial in its presentation. The fact that the material is completely manmade does mean that its ideal for crafting and flexing into different finishes and shapes – including an integrated sink basin or a wavy outline shape. It is also consistent in colour and can be selected to blend seamlessly into your bathroom space. 

However, if you are considering a solid-surface then you will likely need to work with a joiner or interior company as this is a limited material which is not often sold to homeowners. 

Ceramic / porcelain tile

Ceramic bathroom countertop

These can be as painfully 70’s or as modern as you choose – that’s the beauty of porcelain and ceramic tiling. The full extent of decorative inspiration that you can bring to your bathroom through tiling is endless, and as such these are a fun countertop solution for those who want to breathe a little life into an otherwise very neutral bathroom space. 

It is worth considering the longevity of tiling – with particular emphasis on the grout between each tile when decorating, as this can easily stain.  


Concrete countertops are very on-trend in the 21st century, blending together neutral interiors with the rustic and industrial vibes of a modern home. The great thing about concrete is that it’s very versatile in the way it can be finished, from a smooth and highly polished surface to something rougher and more textured. However, it is exceptionally heavy and will only work atop a strong surface base by professionals – no DIY countertops here! 

Natural stone

Marble bathroom countertop

Similar to concrete but a little more aesthetically pleasing, and a little bit more rustic than tiling. Natural stone is more of a category to choose from, offering endless colours and types of stones which can be brought into a modern bathroom – including granite, marble, limestone, and soapstone to name but a few. In a bathroom setting natural stone is waterproof and looks great, plus it’s entirely unique – but it does cost a lot!


Quartz countertops are stunning to look at, taking a blend of between 70 and 90% ground up Quartz and adding resin to hold all the material fragments together in a complex and entirely unique slab. With so many styles available, a Quartz countertop can be selected and tailored to match your bathroom, with integrated basins and other features built into them where necessary. 

Some of the most expensive countertops on the market are Quartz, and for good reason – offering design flair and stability. 

Crushed glass

Our final material is crushed glass – a fairly new material on the market which combines crushed recycled glass into clear acrylic or concrete to create a rustic but elegant finish. The right level of light allows the glass flecks to light up and bounce around the room, adding to the sense of wonder and oasis that so many homeowners want in their modern bathrooms today. Easy to clean and tough, crushed glass is cost effective and growing in popularity. 

For more advice on selecting the right bathroom countertop material for your home, get in touch with us to discuss your project.