5 Reasons Why Custom Cabinetry is Best

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If you live in, are looking to buy, or have ever stepped inside a modern new build home, then you will notice that the access to storage, cupboards, and cabinets is often concealed and hidden behind other furnishings and fittings. Rather than filling rooms with standing cabinets and standalone wardrobes, such storage spaces are now built into the structures of the walls and features – perfectly fitting the space available and following the contours of the ceiling, walls, and flooring with ease.

This use of custom cabinetry has become the norm in new builds – not just because it offers a clean aesthetic finish but because when storage is integrated into the construction of the property, it minimises the need for external furnishings and furniture pieces.

But what about those homeowners who don’t live in new build homes, or who want to upgrade their older property without a complete revamp and renovation? In this blog post, we’re sharing the value of custom cabinetry from a trusted joinery company, and the benefits of these bespoke structures in the everyday family home.

1. Aesthetic appeal  

There is no better reason to opt for custom cabinetry than the aesthetic appeal of a well balanced and fine-tuned interior space. When cabinets and storage solutions are designed and constructed to fit perfectly within your room or home, following the slope of the ceiling or slotting neatly into the corner of a room, you create that perfect balance between the space itself and what you put in it.

Not only does this make your home look more put together in terms of interior design flair and style, but it also has the added benefit of being something that you have exclusively chosen for the space.

2. Durability and quality construction

Custom cabinet joinery

Custom cabinetry is, unlike so many of the furnishings and storage units out there and available on the market, made to order – and this means that more time and care is taken over its design and the construction process itself.

Rather than knocking together the unit in a few minutes, according to a standard brief, custom furniture is made for the space using the materials selected by your contractor team or by you as the client – instantly ensuring that it is of a better quality that will last much longer.

3. Maximise your use of space

There’s nothing worse than a standalone cabinet or item of furniture which cuts off a corner of your room or leaves a gap between it and the wall when in situ – however, this is the reality that faces most homeowners who buy cabinets and sideboards from the retail market. Rather than trying to make a standard unit fit the room, building something which perfectly matches your floorplan is the best way to maximise both your access to adequate storage without wasting valuable floor and interior space.

4. Personalise the look of the space

How many times have you stepped into the home of a friend or family member and found yourself faced with the very sideboard or item of furniture that you purchased only the other day?

The modern furniture market has become overrun with copycat products and items which look the same and which are subsequently owned by most homeowners – presenting the same aesthetic across neighbouring homes with little in the way of personality.

Custom cabinetry, on the other hand, allows you to personalise the way your space is presented with a variety of different finishes, materials, and details which all help to bring your home to life. Pairing your interior space with your lifestyle and the way you use storage throughout the home, custom cabinetry is the perfect way to make a home look and feel like yours.

5. Functionality

The final benefit of custom cabinetry, and one of the core reasons why so many clients get in touch with us in search of their own custom units and interior pieces, is the functionality of custom cabinets and the control that homeowners have in terms of their size, access, handles, and more.

Whether you need cabinets which are set low for ease of access, which open a certain way, which include various shelves for different storage levels, or which boast silencing buffers, we work with our clients to maximise the functionality of every custom cabinet according to their needs and preferences.

To find out how custom cabinetry can inject a new lease of life into your home, and to discuss your next project directly with us, get in touch today.