The Importance of Quality Craftsmanship in Joinery

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Comparing Hardwood, Softwood, and Manufactured Board
25th January 2023
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22nd February 2023

Joinery is the umbrella industry under which virtually all woodwork throughout a home or building falls. It considers the way that wooden components are joined, whether via a custom and bespoke project or in the creation of a standard furnishing or product, with the quality of joinery directly responsible for the durability and longevity of that particular item or section of a home.

A quality joinery company will work within the parameters of the space that is being fitted, paying attention to not only the floorspace that needs to be filled but to the flow of light and the way that different woods are presented depending on light and location. Not only that, but the quality craftsmanship of a reputable joiner will centre on maximising the use of space and delivering a long lasting finish.

With all that in mind, let’s consider the advantages of high quality joinery services, what a reputable joinery company looks like, and how to make sure you benefit from the best possible service for your next interior or renovation project.

The advantages of high quality joinery services

The two main uses for any interior joinery services are functionality and aesthetic style. Components and wooden features in the home are designed to be used and to look great, with a quality North East joinery company delivering not just a great finish in terms of looks, but one which will withstand the test of time.

High quality joinery

Another advantage that comes from seeking and investing in top quality joinery services lies in the long term value. While the initial output for high quality and professional services is likely to be higher, bespoke and quality solutions that you invest in now will continue to offer functional and aesthetic value years from now – and even add an air of luxury to the home which can elevate its market value when you come to sell.

How to spot a quality joinery company or expert

There are a few ways to identify a quality joinery company from one that is more likely to do the job and run before any of the cracks and issues can start to show. The first is to look carefully at the type of wood they use – with the top joiners only working with hardwood like oak and walnut, and softwood like pine. If a company tries to sell you the shortcut of engineered wood, citing the versatility in presentation and look, you know they are not likely to deliver the same quality finish.

Similarly, their approach to joinery itself will differ depending on whether they are committed to quality or not. A top joinery company that prides itself in high quality craftsmanship will never staple its joints – rather, each join will be painstakingly glued to perfection, with no gaps or cracks visible between the wooden ends.

Finally, a good joinery company knows that the job is not complete until the final finishing touches have dried – with customers often able to tell how confident a company is in the quality of their work by how long they stick around to see those final results.

Taking pride in one’s work is always the sign of a reputable and dedicated craftsman.

Tips on how to get the best possible service from a joiner company

Finding a high quality and reputable joinery company requires a combination of research and understanding around what you’re looking for – with case studies and testimonials a great way of seeing whether a company can provide what you’re looking for in terms of quality and finish. The more reviews and testimonials a company has, the more certain you can be that you’re working with a reputable team – a lack of reviews available to read can be a sign that you’re dealing with a poor joiner.

The other thing we advise is to arm yourself with questions about the way they work and the wood they use. As aforementioned in this article, hardwood and certain softwoods are by far the best options for durable and long lasting joinery projects – any engineered wood or the promise of cheap deals is another sign of a joiner that is not committed to delivering quality.

Here at Team Build Joinery and Interiors, our excellent service and high quality finishes have helped us to become a renowned North East joinery company – working with commercial and residential clients to bring their storage needs and interior spaces to life. Get in touch directly to discuss your project.