The Importance of Sustainable Wood Sourcing in Custom Joinery

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8th March 2023

Sustainability has become a buzzword used across the construction, interior, and home design industries among other markets and sectors – with the hunt for sustainable wood a driving force for the best builders, architects, and designers.

In terms of custom joinery specifically, sourcing the right wood for each project means not only getting the texture and aesthetic presentation right but also ensuring that we source a wood which is strong and durable, and which helps to create the kind of unique and beautiful custom made furniture that transforms a house into a home. Adding to that the fact that the wood needs to be sustainable can feel sometimes like an overwhelming challenge – however, it is one that’s worth the time and energy.

And in this blog post, we’re going to share why.

Why is custom joinery so popular in modern construction and interior design?

Custom joinery is an approach which invites homeowners to invest in furnishings and interior units which compliment the shape and style of their home to perfection. Rather than buying items to fit into a space, custom joinery considers the way that wooden furnishings and features can be integrated into the home in such a way that it feels like they have always been there – presenting a well balanced look of finesse and perfection in the home.

In addition, when you choose custom joinery, you benefit from access to a versatile and wide ranging selection of finishes, both in terms of colour and design – making custom joinery the best and most effective way of achieving the end result that you want.

In modern homes particularly, where clutter is regarded as something to avoid and some of the best storage solutions are those which are 100% concealed and hidden from view, custom joinery lets homeowners maximise their use of space and optimise their access to storage and other features which are built to compliment their surroundings – with Team Build Joinery experts in transforming bland and unimaginative spaces into rooms and homes which suit the lifestyle of the homeowners to a tee.

With that said, how can you benefit from custom joinery while also supporting the environment?

What makes a wood source sustainable?

Sustainable wood

In short, for a source of wood to be sustainable, it needs to be renewable (a big tick for timber, as the most renewable material in construction), it needs to come from a sustainably managed forest, and ideally it needs to be local enough that it doesn’t have to be flown halfway around the world to end up in your home. In addition, most custom joiners and construction workers aim to work with wood which ticks these boxes and is also regarded as a hardwood – meaning it will withstand the test of time and retain its shape and condition long after installation.

There’s a reason why oak and other British hardwoods are so popular in joinery and other construction works across the UK, and it has to do with both strength and aesthetic presentation as well as eco-status. Other popular options include bamboo which grows exceptionally quickly, pine, and mahogany – all of which promote the major benefits of wood as an environmentally friendly solution as well as an insulating and attractive material for the home.

Now that you know the benefits of sustainably sourced woods, and can successfully identify some of the best woods out there for custom joinery work, how do you know that the joinery company you hire to help finish your home renovations is using sustainable wood?

Finding the best sustainable wood for custom joinery projects

There are many reasons to choose wood as a core material in your home, with custom joinery just one of the ways that you can benefit from wood throughout your living space and other areas of your home. Our team of joiners pride themselves on their access to sustainably sourced wood to meet any and every brief – with our advice being to check the case studies and sustainability commitments of any company you may choose to work with.

To find out more about our own sustainable wood sources, and to discuss the benefits of wood joinery in and around your home, both in a new build or renovation project, get in touch with us directly.