The Advantages of Working With a Local UK Joinery Company

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8th February 2023
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Every house build or renovation project requires joinery skills and services to some extent – from creating the doors which separate the different interior spaces throughout the home, to fitting shelves and storage solutions into the various nooks and crannies of a property or interior space and designing handcrafted furniture to match.

And it’s not just private and domestic clients who require joinery services – with commercial build and renovation projects very much requiring the same skills in building desks, refining shelving units and storage spaces, and ensuring that an office or shop floor is fit for purpose.

As is the case with so many contractors across the construction industry, there’s a gap between those at the top of the market and those we refer to as ‘cowboy contractors’ – and when it comes to joinery, the different in quality can mean the difference between a refined finish and dangerously unstable structures and furnishings. That’s why, as a client, you need to research and work to find a joinery specialist or company that you can trust – and we’re here to tell you why keeping it local might be the best decision you make throughout the entire project.

Why choose custom and handcrafted pieces from a joiner?

We cannot escape the fact that furniture is able to be made quickly and more cheaply now than ever before, combining low quality materials with cookie cutter designs and build processes. But that’s the mass market – and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s better.

Custom made chest of drawers

When it comes to working with a joiner, your space – domestic or commercial – is brought to life with fittings and furnishings which were designed specifically for that space. These items offer a way of maximising the space available in a room by fitting storage or shelves into the areas which most furnishings cut off from use, complimenting the aesthetic of the space through design and material selection, and adding value.

Not to mention, the skills and expertise of a professional joiner will also grant you access to ideas and innovation solutions that you might otherwise have overlooked. For example, the team have turned sloped ceilings and low walls into shelving for a residential loft conversion, created dining chairs which perfectly compliment an existing table in terms of material and style, and can complete an entire shop floor fit-out to enable the business owner to use every inch of their floorspace in a cohesive and functional way.

Why choose a local joinery company or specialist?

One benefit of working with any local contractor, whether a joinery specialist or a builder, is the access to reviews and testimonials from those within and around your local neighbourhood.

Beyond this, a local joinery company is one which you can ensure direct contact with, with many clients choosing to meet with the company prior to contracts being exchanged to discuss the project and ensure that it is a good fit. This ability to meet and keep in touch is one which should not be overlooked, as it makes it easy to keep an open line of communication and check in regarding both budget and timelines throughout the project.

Bespoke joinery services can be expensive compared with the accessible and affordable mass market produced furnishings and storage solutions now available – however, the unrivalled quality and attention to detail means your pieces and bespoke solutions will withstand the test of time both in terms of quality and aesthetic finish.

If you’re looking for a joinery company to work with you on a residential or commercial project, we recommend first asking for recommendations from people you know, before extending your search out to your wider neighbourhood. Word of mouth is by far one of the best organic sources of marketing for a good quality joinery company, with the decision to keep it local affording you the benefit of being able to track recent projects and see how past clients found the end-to-end experience.

Here at Team Build Joinery and Interiors, we pride ourselves in offering a service which combines good quality products and end results with the kind of attention which allows us to combine the material and space available with the lifestyle and needs of our client. For more information on our joinery services across the North East of England, get in touch.