The Best Bedroom Colour Ideas You Need to Know

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When it comes to interior design, there is no room more personal than your bedroom. The colours you choose to decorate with will change the feel of the room. When selecting your colour scheme, it’s a good idea to first consider what your bedroom means to you. What sort of space do you want to create? How do you want your bedroom to make you feel?

How Much Colour?

One of the first things to consider is how many different colours you want to have in your room. Having a monotone room can be a little one-note and leave the space feeling cold and clinical. The contrast of more than one colour brings life to the main colour you pick as your theme. However, every time you change the colour on your walls, it draws the eyes. Too many colour changes can make the space look smaller than it really is and can be jarring to the eye.

Carefully selecting two colours for a room breaks up the monotony of a single colour and allows for the blending of the two colours which gives the impression of space and harmony. The best colour combinations include the blend of a clean and neutral colour with a rich and warm tone.

Blue and White

Blue bedroom wall

Blue is the colour we associate with the sky and the sea. As such, it can be a very soothing colour. If you are interested in cultivating a tranquil bedroom environment then blue can be a great choice. Spending time in a calm blue space has been shown to lower both heart rate and blood pressure which is an ideal environment for drifting off to sleep.

For some people, paler tones of blue can make a room feel cool. You can mitigate this by choosing a deeper tone of blue, such as turquoises and cerulean. You may want to avoid picking too dark of a tone as it can arouse feelings of sadness and melancholy.

Careful choice of your blue can help you to create a soothing space in which to unwind ready for sleep. When it comes to selecting your tone of blue, you should make good use of an interior decorator’s best tool, a colour wheel.

Green and Cream

If your idea of relaxing involves connecting with nature, then you might want to consider a mix of green and cream. This combination of colours works especially well in rooms with a natural theme. If you like to have plants in your bedroom, selecting a mix of green and cream will make the plants stand out as focal points. Thus, turning your bedroom into a botanically-themed oasis.

Green is considered to be the most relaxing colour. Green is excellent for reducing stress and promoting relaxation. With their links to nature, the combination of green and cream has also long been associated with enhanced fertility, so if you are hoping to start a family then this might be the colour scheme to choose to help get you in the frame of mind for starting a family.

Teal and Gold

Depending on the exact tone of teal, you can have the calming and relaxing properties that are normally associated with both greens and blues. Teal can bring a real feeling of class to a bedroom. Selecting a slightly muted teal that tends towards a grey gives a bedroom a timeless quality.

Combining accents of gold bring a touch of life to the teal. Choosing a yellow/gold to highlight the space will bring more light into the room. You do have to be careful in the use of these colours as if you use a heavy hand; it can give a slightly gaudy feeling.

Bold Purple and Silver

Purple has often been avoided as a choice for decorating adult bedrooms. Pastel purple is often considered a childish option. However, choosing a bold tone of purple can actually create a feeling of luxury and decadence.

Choosing a darker tone should be done with care for a room like a bedroom. The dark tones can make the room feel small and a little dingy. However, purples retain their warmth in low light. This makes it a wonderful choice for a bedroom.

The combination of deep purple with silver lightens the room and enhances the feeling of luxury and opulence. Silver needs to be used with care, so as not to cheapen the room. When it comes to bedroom interior design it is all about finding the right balance of colours.