Custom Wood Gate Design: Key Things to Consider

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23rd August 2021
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There’s a lot to consider when approaching gate design but having a custom-made bespoke gate can improve the aesthetics of your home exterior tenfold.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything that you need to consider when looking into custom gates.  

Benefits of having a beautiful, custom made gate

Below are just a couple of the main benefits of having custom made gates installed in your home.

Improved kerb appeal

Although gates are a purpose-built fixture that can also add a lot of personality to the aesthetics of your home. You may have even heard people refer to a house by saying ‘the one with the nice gates’, a clear sign that people are impressed by the exterior of gardens! 

Nice looking custom gates can also help to add to your properties kerb appeal. A custom-made gate helps to add a bit more personality and a bit of uniqueness when compared to a standard shop-bought gate. 

Added security

The main purpose of a gate is to improve the security of your home, and with a custom-made gate, you can decide the exact dimensions that you will feel most comfortable with. Having a secure gate that covers aspects of your home can also give you an added sense of privacy.

Whilst shop-bought gates may be quite open, you can design bespoke gates to be as closed off as you wish, which can be ideal if you prefer maximum privacy and would rather no one can see into your garden. 

Things to consider

Bespoke wooden gate design

There will be several considerations when approaching custom gate design, but the most pressing aspects will be the specific design elements, and more importantly, whether your gate design will comply with local regulations. 

UK Laws & regulations

There are often disputes regarding the dimensions of gates, as it may affect the boundaries of your property. Before putting up a gate, it can be a good idea just to let your neighbours know, especially if the gate is going to be of significant size. 

If you are planning on your new gate being over 2m in height, you’ll require planning permission. If your gate is going to be shorter than 2m, you should usually be ok without permission, however, if your gate adjoins a public highway, you will require planning permission for anything over 1m in height. The best idea before carrying out any form of building that may affect the boundaries of your property is to just check with the local authorities first.  

Design considerations

Of course, when looking into bespoke custom-made gates, the design will be at the forefront of your decisions. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you select the right company to design your gate. This will largely depend on what type of gate you are after. For example, Team Build Joinery and Interiors focuses on custom built wooden gates and can create bespoke designs based on your needs. 

You might have a particular idea in mind of the design you are after, but even if you are unsure, experts can help you decide what might work best for your property. Alongside selecting a design company, you’ll need to determine what materials you want your gate to be made up of. The most popular material is wood, as this can suit a range of different designs, however, metal gates and electronic gates are also options if you are looking for alternative materials. 

You’ll also need to consider the dimensions of the gate because as previously mentioned, this could require planning permission from the local authorities if you are altering the boundaries of your garden. Dimensions will need to be considered alongside materials, as the price and time it takes to be designed and crafted will be affected by the size of the gate you are wanting as well as what the gate is going to be made of. 

If you are unsure of any aspect of the gate design, it’s worth getting in touch with experts as they will be able to give you a better idea of what might be feasible and what might work best for your garden. It’s also worth doing as much research as possible and gaining inspiration from other gate designs on properties with similar exteriors to yours.