Hotel Conference Room Refurbishment Ideas

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Conference rooms are becoming more and more useful in the search for communal work spaces, particularly amid the post-pandemic working world where less people travel to the office and where companies are seeking locations to host and hold full company days sporadically rather than as part of a weekly or monthly plan.

The fact is, if your hotel has a conference room then the possibilities available to you are endless. And with more and more companies ending long term rental agreements in favour of home working and the occasional meet up or conference, if you can design and market your conference space effectively then you’re looking at a corporate goldmine.

But let’s be honest for a moment. Conference rooms are often incredibly uninspiring, purely functional, and often not necessarily fit for purpose. If any of that sounds familiar, it might be time for a refurbishment.

And here are our expert tips on how to optimise your conference room space so that it appeals to any and all commercial (or private!) clients.

Use your branding

Don’t be afraid to use your hotel branding to bring the space to life. If you market yourself as a boutique hotel then replicate this kind of environment in your conference room – with rugs or comfortable, padded seating.

Contrary to the movies and to popular belief, conference rooms don’t have to be pure white and functional – in fact, adding a little personal touch and comfortable features might just help your room hire conversion!

In addition, a few branded items of your own might just made for some easy marketing for your hotel – especially if conference attendees make notes on your branded paper or take their notes away in a bag with your hotel’s name on it.

Think about the table

Hotel conference room table

The table is the centrepiece of your conference room, and it needs to command the right presence while also delivering optimum functionality and style. Making sure that the table is a good size according to the amount of floor space available is key, with companies seeking conference rooms which are comfortable enough to spend long periods of time in, and with plenty of space to spread out their notes and visual displays.

TOP TIP: If your room isn’t particularly big, consider creating U-shaped or L-shaped conference tables which maximise the seating allowance without leaning on one big table. Also consider going for a bespoke furniture solution to ensure you get just what you are looking for.

Make it comfortable and functional

This means lots of comfortable seating, with enough space for delegates or attendees to move around, benefit from their own personal space, and change their seating position if necessary.

Consider lighting

Natural light is great for a conference or meeting space, however if a company wants to show a presentation or a video clip on a screen, they will want to be able to easily and quickly block out any natural light which impacts the viewing experience of their guests.

Installing blackout blinds is a great way to offer this function with ease, while built-in projectors can elevate the offering you market to potential companies.

In addition, thinking about the colour and intensity of your artificial lighting can also play a part in how the conference room is perceived and used – with bright white lighting often too intense for a meeting or conference room, while poor lighting can make the space feel drab and uninspiring.

Consider installing a series of different lights, to give the users power over how the room is lit during their conference or meeting. This could include ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lights.


There’s nothing worse than a conference room which is too echoey, or which sucks in the sound from outside the room or surrounding spaces. Paying attention to the acoustics of the room is key to getting repeat bookings, so that users can make conference calls or conduct presentations without being interrupted and without an echo impacting their experience.

Look into sound-proofing windows and doors, carpets and rugs to soak up echoes, and dropped ceiling installations which take in some of the sound impact in a large room.

Make sure your technology is on-point

If your conference space doesn’t have great Wifi, excellent phone service, and all the latest technology that elevates the conference experience, then you are unlikely to get bookings. Making sure that you ahead of the game is key – and if you’re not, upsell a service which enables you to bring in all the equipment required to bring a specific event, conference, or meeting to life on behalf of your clients.

Want to know more about how to refurbish your hotel conference room in line with what paying clients are actually looking for? Get in touch today!