9 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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20th August 2019
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When it comes to a small bathroom interior design project, it’s imperative to put much consideration into the layout. Careful consideration of your options can make a surprising difference. A well designed small bathroom can feel cosy and luxurious. Get it wrong, and you can end up squeezing yourself around the space every time you enter.

These nine ideas will help you to make the most of the space you have.

1.    Ditch the shower door

If your bathroom is a little snug, then having to make space for your shower door to swing open can suck up the small amount of room you have. Fortunately, there are several alternatives. Instead of a fully enclosed space for your shower, you can opt for a fixed glass screen that will keep the water contained. These work especially well in wet room style bathrooms. 

You can also replace the glass door with a shower curtain. This will keep the water in, but not need the same amount of space. Alternatively, you can opt for an over-the-bath shower. You can actually find some very snug baths which might ultimately use less space than a shower with a swing door.

2.    Consider rounded counters

Bathroom sink

One of the significant problems with small bathrooms is that you can end up bumping into the fixtures and fittings. An experience that quickly gets old, even when the bruises last! An easy way to minimise this discomfort is to choose bathroom fittings and counters that have a rounded aspect. This makes them easier to navigate and less obtrusive if brushed up against.

3.    Corner sinks

Sinks can take up a lot of space in the bathroom, especially if you are used to having a pedestal sink. If you have a good look at what’s on offer you might be surprised at how many options there are. Corner sinks can be a great way to maximise space. You can still have a good-sized basin without sacrificing half the room.

4.    Extended counter

When you are laying out your bathroom, you might find that the best arrangement is to have the toilet next to the counter. If you end up in this situation you might want to consider extending the counter so that it runs over the top of the toilet. By narrowing the counter slightly, you will still have a comfortable toilet. You will also have gained some extra storage space. As a plus, it can also make the bathroom look neat and cohesive.

5.    Large scale patterns

When it comes to decorating, a small space can actually free you up to do something a little more creative. Small spaces can usually take big and bold patterns well. Having a large pattern can make the space look bigger than it is.

If you are interested in making a bold statement in your bathroom then you might want to talk to a professional interior design company. They can help to design the perfect statement room that hits all the right notes. Get it right, and your small bathroom might become one of your favourite rooms.

6.    Minimise on storage

In bathrooms, it is often tempting to try and cram in as much storage as possible. Storage takes up a lot of space, especially traditional storage solutions. When you are planning out your bathroom, take some time and consider how much storage you really need.

If you can limit the items in the room to essentials, then you’ll have more space actually to use the room.

7.    Splash out on the finish

With a small space, the finish is a lot more important. You’ll see the small details. Consider spending a little more on the finish, and you’ll find that your small bathroom feels like it belongs in a luxury hotel.

To help you achieve this you should take time over your budget and decide where you want to spend your money. A small but luxury finishing element can make the room feel like a whole different place.

8.    Try wall-mounted alternatives

Bathroom storage

You might have already considered a wall-mounted sink or vanity unit. They take up less space than a free-standing option and can make it easier to move around the room or to add storage. Don’t forget that you can also find wall-mounted toilets and taps, which have the same effect and look quite stylish.

For a small bathroom, going for wall-mounted for all your furniture and fixing can create a clean finish as well as maximising on your space.

9.    Consider recessed storage

If you really need more storage and can’t find a place to squeeze it in, then recessed storage might be the answer. Explore the option to build in storage to the walls. A quality interior design company can be really helpful in identifying places where this might be a possibility.