Top Tips For Designing A Bedroom With A Vintage Style

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Bedrooms aren’t always the easiest rooms to decorate, as they need to combine style and function effortlessly. This is often easier said than done, and it takes careful planning and forward-thinking to design a beautifully vintage bedroom.

Vintage style is a popular choice for bedroom design, with many homeowners choosing this for their own rooms and spare rooms. Getting the vintage look right involves effectively mixing and matching aesthetics and textures to create a high-end look for a budget price.

If you are planning on decorating your bedroom in a vintage style, then follow these top tips.

Search Out Vintage Gems

When it comes to vintage bedroom design, the most important aspect is the furniture you choose. Vintage furniture is quirky, old fashioned, and charmingly unique, and can be picked up at various stores and sales. The beauty of vintage furniture is that it provides a far-reaching style which is casual and almost romantic, while also showing off your creativity and flare. Vintage style includes furniture, fabrics, accessories and colours which were popular in decades past.

Most people think back to the 1940s and 50s when they think of vintage style, but actually it could refer to anything over 20 years old and less than 100. Not quite old enough to be considered antiques but old enough to bring some nostalgia. Finding these vintage gems involves scouring boot sales, second hand stores and online listings.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Even the most battered and scuffed piece of vintage furniture can be given a new lease of life with some TLC. When you choose a vintage bedroom design, paint will soon become your go-to. Any old chest of drawers, chair, or bed frame can be beautifully restored and renewed with a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing bright bold colours can give your vintage pieces a refreshing makeover, adding a splash of colour and modern style to any old piece. This is a great way to beautifully combine the new with the old and brighten worn out items for your new bedroom.

Unleash Your Creativity

The beauty of anything vintage is that it is one of a kind. When you decide on vintage bedroom design, you have the freedom to get really creative. There is no need to worry about matching furniture, syncing décor or following any of the style rules out there. You can unleash your creativity and uniqueness by making the space really your own.

Use vintage suitcases as storage, choose an old chair as a side table or opt for shelving made from old wood. When you go vintage, you can do something totally different as there really are no rules to follow.

Choose Whites And Muted Colours

One easy hack for a vintage bedroom design is to whitewash everything in sight. Whether it’s the walls, the floor, the ceiling, cover it in a chalky white or buttermilk for a breezy, vintage vibe. If you are painting the walls then also paint the shelves and clothes racks. Couple them with earthy ceramics and chunky accessories for a stylish edge.

If all white isn’t your thing, play around with muted tones such as charcoal, pebble, lilac and pale pink. A blend of these colour palettes with vintage furniture and creative flare will create an effortless bedroom design you will never want to leave.

Use Fabrics To Your Advantage

Upholstered furniture is a classic when it comes to vintage décor, and items such as upholstered beds and chairs can be a beautiful centrepiece of any bedroom. If you have an original upholstered bed it might benefit from an overhaul, so reupholster the fabrics to fit your new designs.

Faded florals are a great choice for these vintage items and add a touch of class and elegance to your bedroom. Not only are they unique and stunning to look at but create a stylish heirloom for future generations.

Combine Busy Patterns

As we have mentioned before, there are no set rules for creating vintage bedroom design. You have the freedom to throw together various textures, patterns and colours that would usually be a big no-no in décor. Combine floral print bed throws with crocheted cushions and retro wallpapers for an unforgettable pattern-medley design. The key to making this work with different patterns is to stick to one colour palette and let the prints merge together as opposed to clash.