7 Tips for the Perfect Shop Fit Out

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High street shops are having to compete with online stores more than ever before. To overcome this challenge, the aim is to provide shoppers with the urge to visit your store because they feel compelled to explore the way in which your shop provides them with an enhanced experience.

If you are looking to revamp your existing store or you are looking to build a brand new one, there are many things to consider to ensure that the customer has a great shopping experience before beginning the shop fitting process.

Below are some top tips to help when planning a shop fit out:

The Importance a Store’s Layout

The layout of your store is crucial to the overall experience for your customers. Once they enter your store, they need to be able to browse your products with ease and find exactly what they are looking for. The aim is to make it easy for them to find their desired items quickly and efficiently. You only have a set time in which to gain the attention of your customer before they decide that they will look elsewhere.

Store Signage

In any shop, store signage is important for your brand and attracts customers into your store. Therefore, you will need to display your brand, logo and all associated colours because these will work to entice your customers to shop with you. This is not a case of being louder than your competitors but you need to create a storefront that lures shoppers in before attracting them even further into the store with captivating store signage that expresses the personality of your store.

Choose The Right Lighting

Retail fit outs

Nobody likes a store that is dark and gloomy. Shoppers like to clearly see what they are buying and products should be displayed in the best way possible to encourage people to buy them. So, when it comes to redesigning your shop window, you may want to consider installing super bright LED lighting to ensure that your best products are in the spotlight, which will hopefully entice keen shoppers into your store. Furthermore, you should also think about the way in which different coloured lighting can be used and where the lights need to be positioned in order for them to work best with your products.

Consider the Needs of Your Customers

The design of your store has to be focused on the needs of your customers. This will mean that you need to mark all entrances clearly during the fit-out while also ensuring that they are all accessible. As a result, you will need to consider all types of customers such as the elderly, mothers with babies and those who use wheelchairs. If you have toilet facilities available to customers, they will also need to be easily identifiable.

Make Your Counter Stand Out

The ideal counter should have plenty of space be easy to work behind. This will make it possible for staff to assist customers easily and efficiently. You should also aim to create a line where customers know that they need to wait, instead of customers forming their own queue that snakes across the store, making it difficult for other customers to move around your store. One other thing to consider is keeping a space free at the till for customer service as this will still enable you to continue to serve other customers quickly while dealing with the specific needs of those who are seeking assistance.

A Comfortable Store Equals Happy Customers

When your customers enter your store to begin shopping, they will want to browse in a comfortable way. This will mean that you will need to consider the correct heating or air conditioning system in order to provide them with a relaxing experience. If your customers are too cold or too hot then the first thing they will do is leave.

Consider Impulsive Shoppers

Finally, think about the way in which your shoppers behave when you design the point of sale areas. Many customers have a habit of making last minute, impulsive purchases whilst in the queue to make their original, main purchase. However, it’s important to ensure that this area of your store is not cluttered – therefore careful consideration should be made when trying to find the right balance.