When is the Best Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

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12th October 2022
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16th November 2022

Is there ever a good time to start significant work in your home?

The bathroom is a space that you use every single day, multiple times a day – and so rendering it out of action can cause great upheaval at any time of the year. Prior to kickstarting any remodelling or renovation work, making sure that you have done adequate planning is key – including securing access to temporary bathroom facilities if and when required (for example, if you are looking to remodel the only bathroom in your home).

With that said, is there a “best time” in the year to remodel your bathroom? Let’s take a closer look.

Remodelling in the spring

Spring is a great time of year for any significant remodelling or renovation work in the home because it is the time when the days start to grow longer, and the weather is warm enough that leaving doors and windows open for access does not seem so problematic.

In addition, it is during the spring months that any tax refunds are received – with many homeowners using such income to fund large renovation projects such as bathroom remodelling.

Finally, spring is the start of what is termed the busy season for contractors and builders, so securing and getting your remodelling work done early can ensure that it remains a priority and does not become overshadowed by an influx of other projects and bookings.

Remodelling in the summer

Bathroom remodel summer

Summer is often seen as the best time for any and all home renovation work, however what this means is that it is unarguably the busiest time of year for contractors and so you may find that work proceeds at a slower rate than if you chose another time of year.

Having said that, the chances of poor weather halting work are much lower in the summer, and any work that requires access for large vehicles tends to be much smoother and easier to manage.

Remodelling in the autumn

With the summer season tailing off, autumn tends to be the time when final projects are pushed through to completion before the cold winter months – with contractors squeezing the last of the long and warm days into their schedules.

Those securing renovation and remodelling work in their bathroom should proceed with caution when booking the work for the autumn, because the high potential for adverse weather can mean that projects take longer to complete. However, with a little luck and a reliable contractor or construction team, autumn can be a good time of year for your project.

Remodelling in the winter

Winter is unarguably the most challenging time for any renovation or remodelling work, particularly in the bathroom where pipes and plumbing systems may need to be altered and dug into the surrounding ground. In winter, everything from the hard ground to the high chance of rain and cold weather works against you, which generally means that large projects with structural renovations simply cannot go ahead until the weather warms.

Having said that, winter can be a good time to book in smaller projects and aesthetic renovations because of the drop off in bookings, meaning your first choice of contractor is more likely to have capacity for your job and may even be able to complete it at a more favourable rate than in the summer months.

Which time of year is best?

Remodelling a bathroom can mean anything from completely gutting and restructuring the layout and shape of the space, to simply replacing some of the main fittings and altering the aesthetic presentation of the room for a whole new look.

Whatever your project demands from your contractors, most companies will be operational throughout the year and will pick up new projects across all four seasons – you simply need to be aware of the positives and potential challenges that come with each season.

While the summer is the most reliable time of year to do renovation and remodelling work, contractors tend to be busier and so your project may progress at a slower rate due to their resources being stretched. In the winter, work is more challenging and some more complex projects may be impossible to complete – however contractors will be less busy and so better able to offer you the advice and guidance you need, efficiently and effectively.

To discuss your bathroom remodelling project with us and to book us in for the time of year that best suits you, get in touch directly.