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28th September 2022
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The bathroom is a space that is used every day and has multiple functions – providing a practical but relaxing haven for homeowners who need to be able to access products quickly, store all their beauty and grooming products, and settle back into a bath with ease.

Of course, for many homeowners and those managing commercial spaces, bathrooms are also among the smallest rooms in any building or home – meaning that when it comes to layout, structure, and decoration, it is important that you think outside the box and be innovative in your ideas.

In this blog, we’re sharing our insight from within both the commercial and private residential industries, with a series of bathroom transformation ideas that will elevate the functionality and style of your bathroom space.

Why bathroom design is so important

Bathroom design isn’t just important – it’s also difficult to get right. From the colour of your chosen fixtures to the way you create privacy around the windows, the storage you integrate into the space and the layout of each item within your bathroom, finding the right balance between practicality and relaxing style is not always easy.

Each of the ideas in this blog post outlines a new way to approach the design and usability of your bathroom – with the ideas able to be adapted depending on the size of your bathroom and the number of individuals who use it regularly.

Modern vs. vintage styles

Modern furniture presents a clean and pure finish – vintage furniture creates a grand and elegant finish. If you’re dressing a large bathroom then vintage furniture can create a stylish juxtaposition between the light open space and the pieces within it. In contrast, a small bathroom can be made to feel bigger with very simple modern pieces.

Shy away from bright whites

If you want to transform a bland bathroom, why not move away from all the fittings being white and silver – and instead consider matte black or copper fittings? With an industrial vibe which manages to suit a modern or more rustic home, black and brass or copper fittings add a touch of 1920s glamour to a bathroom and can make it feel like a luxurious space regardless of its size.  

Embrace indoor plants

Bathroom plant

A great way to make your bathroom feel clean, pure, and fresh, is by integrating indoor plants into the design and decoration of your bathroom. Whether you choose a selection of small plants or one big statement plant in a corner, adding some natural greenery to the room creates a rather exotic feel and contributes towards the purification of the air in your home.

One thing you need to consider when selecting indoor plants for a bathroom is the type of plant and its ideal location. You need something hard wearing which can withstand the high humidity and changing temperature and atmosphere of a bathroom environment.

Consider a wet room

Whether your bathroom is a small or large, installing a wet room is a great way to cut down on the number of fittings required and give your room the benefit of a large, open plan finish. Not to mention it adds ease of accessibility to the bathroom and makes maintenance and cleaning super easy.

Luxury lights

Often a last minute consideration for homeowners, bathroom lights should actually form a major part of your renovation or redesign work – if for no other reason than they can transform the entire look of your space. From luxury lights to mirror-surrounding bulbs, strip lights around the top of the room, and spotlights dotted across the ceiling, bathroom lights need to be 100% waterproof and damp proof, and also need to be bright enough to ensure your space is functional. But function doesn’t have to mean unattractive!

Think about the little details

Finally, to the details which you add after all the fittings have been installed and the tiles have been laid. This is the part where you can choose between closed cabinets and open shelving, and where the addition of towels and a bath / shower mat softens the entire space.

Our advice is to consider a mix of closed and open storage, with ladder shelves a stylish addition to the bathroom while under sink cabinets and wall mounted cupboards are ideal for those personal items you want to keep hidden. One great tip for those with smaller bathrooms is to find storage solutions which optimise height rather than width – using a small portion of floor space without impacting the amount of storage available.

For more ideas like these, or for advice on how to bring them to life in your bathroom, reach out to our team directly.