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14th September 2022
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12th October 2022

Once a hangout reserved for the self-employed and those seeking somewhere quiet and peaceful to conduct research, study, or personal work, co-working spaces have become evermore popular as workers across all sectors to continue to work remotely.

The concept of a co-working space is simple. Venues are driven by membership, whereby workers from all industries and companies can join and receive access to a plethora of benefits associated with that working space. These can range from gym access, onsite cafes and hospitality venues, access to leading technology and innovation, and a place to feel inspired, productive, and welcome.

But as is always the case, with demand comes a rise in the number of businesses offering this kind of model to remote workers – and so standing out as a co-working space is more important than ever.

In this blog post, we’re sharing some interior design ideas to help elevate your co-working space away from the competition. And it starts with the branding you use to inspire your members.

Don’t be afraid of your brand and identity

This can sometimes feel like a grey area for co-working space designers and owners, because the very concept of your business is built on creating an accessible and welcoming space for all workers from all walks of life, industries, and sectors. In this instance, it can be easy to fall into the trap of keeping your co-working space overly bland in its design.

To avoid this, spend time researching what your members want from a working space – do they want big open rooms with separate desks and work stations, or do you need to integrate private and quiet working areas into the structure? Are there structural and design elements that could increase the suitability of your premises to certain businesses – for example, enhancing the flow of natural light for a creative and artistic membership circle.

Remember that you are a business too, and the way your space is remembered and shared with others will be through your branding and the way you present yourself. Don’t hide your business behind the success of others.

Location and surroundings

This is not always one that you, as a business owner, will have complete control over – with details such as availability and cost playing a part in the kind of premises you can afford and have access to. However, whatever the selling points are for your location and surroundings, use them to your advantage.

If you’re close to a city or town centre, highlight accessibility in your marketing.

If you’re in a secluded and rural location, highlight the peaceful setting and proximity to nature in your marketing.

It also pays to use location and surroundings as part of your branding and identity, making a name for yourself and your premises in the local area and appealing to local workers.

Collaborative and conference spaces are important

Co-working space area

When it comes to designing and breathing life into your co-working space, pay attention to the layout of a standard office and use it to inspire your premises.

Conference rooms are important for calls and meetings, with the best businesses allowing and facilitating members who want to host meetings in the space. Likewise, collaborative work spaces where members can socialise and share ideas will help to bolster the idea of remote working being an opportunity rather than a solo venture.

Greenery, artwork, and even some member branding!

Now it’s time for the details – both the functional and the aesthetic.

Greenery has long been considered an important part of the office aesthetic, as indoor plants not only make a space feel more welcoming but are known to boost productivity and employee or worker morale.

Artwork is another great way of enhancing productivity and inspiration and can help to ensure that your co-working space is seen as a place of opportunity and excellence. Better still, if any of your members own and/or manage galleries or are artists themselves, why not give them the spotlight and allow them to hang their work around your venue?

Finally, celebrate the brands and businesses that you are partnered with, both online and in your co-working space. Gain permission upon sign up to use their branding on your website and across the working space, and use it as free marketing to potential new members.

Once people see how many other businesses you are supporting and housing, they will be more than willing to sign on the dotted line and become your latest member!