Bespoke Furniture vs Mass-Produced: Which Is Best For You?

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13th December 2018
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Choosing the right furniture for your interiors can be a struggle. You can find yourself searching through catalogues and websites for the ideal piece that will fit perfectly in your space, only to find that such a thing doesn’t seem to exist. This is where bespoke furniture could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Furniture is becoming increasingly demanding, with more and more of us wanting more choice over the pieces we put in our homes. Whether it is a wardrobe that beautifully utilises a small bedroom space or a grand dining table that effortlessly compliments your interior, bespoke furniture can help you create the home you dream of.

Mass produced furniture is an excellent, budget-friendly option, and can be a great choice if you are after something basic. However, if you want something entirely suited to you and your property, then bespoke is the way to go. Choosing your new furniture isn’t always an easy decision, and this article aims to answer which option is best for you, and why bespoke furniture might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What does bespoke furniture mean?

Many people assume that bespoke furniture means that it is furniture that has been carefully handmade, and while that is often the case, it isn’t all that you get when you choose to buy bespoke. Bespoke furniture goes further just being handmade; it is custom designed to fit your home and individual style perfectly. All bespoke furniture is only made after you have placed an order and is made using your exact specifications.

Creating bespoke furniture

As these bespoke furniture items are made specifically to order and are all one of a kind products as opposed to being mass produced, the price is often higher than going to a store and buying a piece of furniture that you can see in many households. This extra expense is necessary to cover the costs of designing and building the furniture exactly to your requirements.

Bespoke furniture vs mass-produced furniture

Deciding if you should buy bespoke or mass-produced really depends on your requirements. Custom made, bespoke furniture is perfect if you are looking for something unique and personalised to you and your home. Companies that offer bespoke furniture are experienced professionals, with a huge amount of knowledge on creating top quality furniture pieces that meet every requirement.

Bespoke furniture allows you to personalise everything with the perfect shape and size from a made-to-measure bookshelf to a fully customised luxury dining set.

While these customisable furniture options are not as expensive as they used to be a few years ago, they are still always going to be more pricey than their mass-produced counterparts. If you are looking for a cheap piece of furniture and have no requirements for it to be custom built to your specifications, then mass-produced is likely to be your best bet.

The other added benefit of opting for mass-produced furniture is that you can head into a store and collect it as soon as you need it, so if you need something urgently then, this might be more suited to you that bespoke furniture. As all bespoke furniture is custom-made to order, the turnaround time can be lengthy.

Why choose bespoke furniture over mass-produced furniture?

There are a number of reasons as to why bespoke furniture creations might be a better option for you and your home.

High quality: When you buy new furniture, the last thing you want is it to break within months or even weeks of owning it. You want your furniture to be long-lasting and durable, and this all depends on how well it has been made. As all bespoke furniture will be carefully handmade using the highest quality materials, you can relax knowing you’re investing in a long-lasting piece. Mass-produced furniture will be made as quickly and cheaply as possible because of the bulk nature of the production line.

Customised to you: If you have a home that is unusually shaped, such as an older property, then finding furniture to fit properly can be a challenge. Bespoke furniture will be made to your exact specifications, so it is guaranteed to fit perfectly into the most awkward of spaces.

Environmentally friendly: When you choose mass-produced furniture, you are choosing products that have been built in large factories, from materials gathered from all around the globe. Many synthetics are used to preserve wood, which can have a bad smell and even be harmful to health. Bespoke furniture is made locally, using local and sustainable materials.