Benefits of Opting for Bespoke Home Office Furniture

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1st December 2021
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With lockdown seeing so many people across a wide range of industries and job roles being forced to work from home, not only has home office furniture seen a huge rise in demand, but the variety of furnishings available has also expanded exponentially. After all, with so many different job roles to cater to, the basic furniture that once covered the home office market is no longer varied enough or suitable for such a large target audience. 

A home office is essentially a space designed for work; somewhere which should inspire both creativity and productivity, and most importantly meet the logistical, practical, and health-related needs of the worker. With that said, how can bespoke office furniture tick all of these boxes and deliver the best in home office design flair?

What is bespoke home office furniture? 

Bespoke home office furniture takes into account your surroundings, the space in the home office itself, the frequency of use, your preferences regarding aesthetics and comfort, and of course the way in which furnishings and pieces of furniture will be used.

From there, it presents an opportunity to design and create pieces which integrate seamlessly into your space, optimising the use of the floorspace and building shelves and cupboards into corners so that no room is left redundant. 

Some great examples of bespoke home office furniture include:

  • Desks and tables / surfaces
  • Cupboards and shelving
  • Storage (hidden and exposed)
  • Panelling for a professional aesthetic

The benefits of bespoke home office furniture

The benefits of custom made furniture are the same no matter what space you are furnishing, however when it comes to a home office in particular there are a particular array of additional benefits relating to productivity and the use of space and storage. 

For many of us, working in a neat and organised space makes the work process more productive and less stressful. What that means is that storage and shelving becomes important to a home office, with bespoke options allowing this storage to be integrated into the room in a way which ensures you can access what you need without it getting in the way.

Home office desk

Bespoke furniture, particularly for a home office, removes the limitations of store bought options – both in terms of aesthetic finish and with regards to the size of the fitting itself. So many clients try and force high street standard shelves and desks into a home office before realising that bespoke furniture truly is the best way to maximise your use of space – so why not cut out the middle stage and save yourself money and time?

And then we have the benefit of longevity and quality. When something is designed and made for your office space, you can select and ensure the highest quality materials and constructive techniques are used. Our team not only bring the space itself to life with great furniture, but they ensure that each and every piece is built to last. 

Things to consider before opting for bespoke home office furniture

Before you dive in and book your consultation with our team, it’s worth noting the following considerations regarding the personalisation, the finish, and the realistic nature of your ideas. 

  • Which is more important to you: quality or price? This is something any bespoke furniture maker will need to know, as it can affect the way your furniture is built and finished. 
  • Is your home office unique in shape or layout? Will furniture need to be made to fit around awkward walls and corners?
  • Can bespoke storage help to optimise the way your floorspace is used?
  • Are you happy to build upwards as well as outwards, to make the best use of your space?
  • Do you have specific preferences regarding the aesthetic and texture of materials used?
  • Do you need advice regarding the layout of your space or do you know what you’re looking to create?

All of these things can help a bespoke joinery company to ensure that the furniture for your home office not only compliments the space but also compliments the way you use the space and your preferences regarding the environment that you will be working in. After all, it’s your home office and you have to spend time in it every day – you need it to suit your needs and provide you with motivation.