Five Reasons Why You Should Choose A Bespoke Kitchen Over an Off The Shelf Solution

Custom kitchen cabinet
Custom Cabinetry and Why You Should Consider it for Your Home
4th August 2018

While walking the isles of your local DIY store, you may be tempted in by their displays of off-the-shelf kitchens and how pretty they can look on first glance. However, you need not be limited to the choice of standard, generic, mass-produced offerings being displayed in store. Instead, by choosing bespoke kitchens that can offer you a lot more flexibility, the sky really is the limit!

By utilising the custom skills of a professional joinery company, you can install a truly bespoke kitchen with a very distinctive style that none of your neighbours or friends will have. In fact, you could have the kitchen of your dreams and have it looking good and functioning perfectly for many years after all your neighbour’s kitchens have fallen to pieces, or replaced with yet another inferior kitchen with a short life.

Let’s take a look at five good reasons why you should invest in a bespoke kitchen and use custom joinery to create the kitchen of your dreams:

1: A gift of life for your kitchen

Your kitchen truly is the heart of your home, so when you need to breathe life into your home, what better place to start than at it’s heart with your kitchen! As the kitchen is often most used and most useful room within your home, it makes sense to install a bespoke kitchen that has been especially designed and built to suit your every need.

When you have a smooth and sleek looking kitchen with worktops set at a perfect height for you, and conveniently positioned draws and cabinets where you can have a home for everything you need, you can really appreciate the thought and planning that has gone into your design and build.

2: Personalised kitchen design

Custom kitchen cabinet

The sky really is the limit when it comes to personalising your own kitchen

What has to be the best thing about having a custom kitchen installed is that you can put your own ideas into the design and layout of your kitchen. This means that you don’t have to adapt yourself to fit in with the standard offerings that come with a mass-produced kitchen. Let’s say you wanted to have extra draw space built into a base cabinet. With a custom designed kitchen, your designer can do this for you and your kitchen fitter will use some custom joinery to give you exactly what you want.

3: You get better quality materials

Buying in mass-produced cabinets that are usually made using cheap composite materials and lots of glue can mean buying inferior quality goods that can warp and succumb to water damage very easily. But with a bespoke crafted wooden kitchen will enable you to hand-pick your raw materials right from scratch, so you will know exactly what wood is going into creating each panel and joint of your new kitchen.

4: Personal choice

So, taking a trip around IKEA or your local DIY store can help to inspire you about what you would like to see in your new kitchen, but remember that there is a very limited number of options for you to choose from with store-bought kitchen cabinets. If you like a particular aspect of one kitchen design, but hate another, then there may not be an option to drop the thing that you don’t like.

However, a custom built bespoke kitchen will give you those little touches you liked from one design, but without those elements that you disliked. Don’t forget that you have so much more choice and flexibility with your own style of kitchen. You can choose from all sorts of different wood types, colours and finishes. There is a great freedom of choice in bespoke kitchens that you simply don’t get with an off-the-shelf option.

5: Professional installation

One of the better reasons why you should go for a bespoke kitchen is for the custom joinery skills you will be employing for your installation. Most off-the-shelf options don’t require a lot of skill to install, so this can mean you having workmen fitting your kitchen that are simply following a set of generic assembly instructions that requires very little skill. However, with a professional joiner you will have the best care and attention put into your kitchen installation. A professional joiner will have the right skills and experience to install your cabinets properly and ensure that the joinery is sound finished off correctly. This will mean your cabinets will be up to the job of holding heavy items safely, reducing the risk of collapse, damage, and personal injury.

Don’t you think that your kitchen installation deserves careful handling?