Custom Cabinetry and Why You Should Consider it for Your Home

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We all know that the kitchen is at the heart of every home, so why wouldn’t you consider having custom cabinetry installed in your kitchen? By choosing clever bespoke joinery services for your kitchen, or any other room in your home, you will be able to provide the highest level of style and function to fit the exact dimensions of your home.

Because you will be choosing your own bespoke style, you will have an endless choice of beautiful wood, shades and finishes to suit your tastes. An added benefit of having your custom cabinetry done with us is that your cabinets can be measured to fit perfectly, look beautiful and be completely functional because we always consider the most important element in our designs – YOU!

What is the point of having tall and imposing wall cabinets in your kitchen if you cannot reach up to use the available space? This is the main problem with purchasing pre-built or self-assembly kitchen cabinets – they are often too big, too tall and don’t make the best use of your available space within your kitchen.

The more your kitchen is styled to your tastes and needs, the more of your personality shines through.

Making the Best use of Available Space

Because of the bespoke joinery skills that go into making your kitchen cabinets, we can ensure that we make the very best use of the available space. This means leaving no awkward looking gaps where dust can gather, or cabinet edges that stick out near doorways and entrances that can pose as a hazard for constant bumps and bruises.

By choosing custom cabinetry, there is no space wasted. With fully customised cabinetry, you can fully utilise every inch of space in your kitchen and give yourself a beautiful and functional kitchen that you will love spending time in.

Careful Craftsmanship

We take great pride in each and every single item we design and build. We truly believe that our custom cabinets are a work of art that are created with great care and attention to detail. Compared to off the shelf alternatives, there really is no denying that our hand-built cabinets that are made-to-order for you are truly unique.

Custom made cinema cabinet

Work in progress: A custom cinema cabinet being built for one of our clients

Using professional craftsmen to build your kitchen cabinets can give you something that a mass-produced kitchen cannot – personalised touches and custom finishes. From creating easy-to-open draws that are built to last, to bespoke joinery that uses dovetailed joints instead of pegs and glue to hold corners together. You simply cannot beat the quality and build of custom cabinetry.

Don’t go for Bland and Boring

Your cabinets don’t need to be exactly the same as your neighbours. Cookie cutter designs are mostly installed with new build homes on new estates, and are usually one of the first thing a new owner wants to change to give their home more personality.

If you are planning on staying put for a few years in your home, why would you want to have a standard array of cabinets that may well end up falling apart in as little as 3 to 5 years? You could instead save yourself a lot of money by having a bespoke cabinets installed that are built to last. Our construction materials and building techniques mean that they can stand up to the rough and tumble of family life and will still be as functional and look as beautiful in years to come as they did when they were brand-new.

Environmentally Friendly

Don’t forget that by using beautiful, natural wood for your custom cabinetry, you will be using a material that is renewable, non-toxic, completely safe, recyclable and biodegradable – unlike many plastic finishes and components used in modern mass-produced cabinets today.

By working closely with your own custom cabinet maker, you will be ensuring that your choice of wood will be impacting the environment in a kind and sustainable way. Remember that you have so many flexible options with your choice of wood, so your cabinets design, size, shape and colour will be very individual, and the water-based wood stains, waxes and paints we use are all environmentally friendly too!

Why bend your ideal design ideas to fit what’s available on the shelves of your local DIY store when you can have custom built cabinets that can completely match your dreams? No matter what size or shape of cabinet you desire, having them custom built is the perfect solution!