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A commercial gym is a place where people go to feel motivated – whether it’s to achieve their fitness goals, to establish a wellness routine, to socialise with likeminded individuals, or to train for something specific. And while, to those who use it, the gym may feel like a purely functional space where equipment is key, placement and layout is often overlooked – along with the aesthetic and presentation-focussed extras which turn the gym into a space where people want to spend time.

In this blog post, we uncover some top tips from inside the leisure services industry, focussing on the importance of good interior design across a commercial gym and highlighting some good practice examples. 

The importance of good interior design in a commercial gym

Getting the interior design of a gym right can mean the difference between success and failure, with users looking for a space which puts them in the right mood and makes them feel motivated. This can be achieved with everything from the right lighting to the ideal placement of speakers and mirrors – helping to boost performance and put people in the right headspace to optimise their time in the gym. 

Another important factor in commercial gym interior design, especially in the wake of the pandemic and society’s return to some semblance of normality, is the way that space is used and that cleanliness is observed – giving users enough space to move comfortably around the gym while feeling safe and secure. 

Without further ado, here are some ideas for creating a functional and welcoming commercial gym space. 

Designing a commercial gym: A Guide

Have a theme in mind

Remember that not every commercial gym is the same – some consider themselves specialist in different activities, for example CrossFit gyms and boxing gyms. Look at what your gym specialises in, using the regular clientele for inspiration, and think about how to design a space which best suits the way your space is used. 

Your theme should encompass the reception or welcome area of your gym as well as the space itself and the changing facilities, to create a cohesive brand that users will remember. 

Using your theme and workout focus, design a layout 

One of the best ways to support users’ in your gym is to create a layout which maximises the use of space and allows for a fluid movement around the gym. Having cardio equipment in one corner and weight training equipment in another allows for an obvious separation in activity across the gym – making the gym easy to use and accessible for all users. 

Choose your machines 

Commercial gym machines

This is another element of commercial gym design which is often overlooked, with machines and their brand playing a big factor in the success of a gym. Avid and experienced users will know what machinery is best – and you should know which machines will fit best into your available space. 

Consider the details required in your gym

This is where you need to consider flooring and other additions such as mirrors, which can support the way the gym is used and have the power to transform the aesthetic and usability of the space. 

We recommend having at least one corner of soft matting and flooring, to support the feet during weight training and to cushion those who do gymnastic and floor work. Meanwhile, mirrors should be positioned to help those weightlifting and conducting aerobic exercise, not just to see their progression but to check their positioning and stance. 

Other details to consider include water stations, speakers, plumbing, and CCTV for additional security (after all, commercial gyms are expensive places to stock and to run!)

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is crucial in a commercial gym, to allow the space to hold a pleasant temperature and ensure a productive environment for both short and longer workouts. Make sure that your gym has plenty of air conditioning outlets across all areas of the gym. 

What to do next

Whether you’re starting a new commercial gym venture or looking to renovate and upgrade an existing gym business, considering the design of your gym space means acknowledging the functional as well as the aesthetic presentation of the gym as a whole.

For more advice and support on how to optimise the use of your gym space, get in touch with our team and let us help you bring your commercial gym visions to life.