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13th January 2022
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If your home is split across two or more levels, you will know how annoying it is when you want to use the space which sits under the stairs but can’t find anything suitable to fill the space in a productive way. The fact is, under stair storage often needs to fit into a slanted space with minimal headroom and be easily accessible from the front with little to no access around the sides or the back of the storage unit. However, this will depend on how the staircase was designed in the first place.

In this blog post, we explore some of the best ways to optimise the way you use that space under your stairs, from standard shoe racks and units to more innovative solutions and bespoke joinery options.

How to create under stair storage 

Under stair storage doesn’t have to be the traditional cupboard where you pile all your cleaning tools and a vacuum cleaner. For many, the space under the stairs is an opportunity to add quirky features to the home – from built in shelving to drawers, a bespoke bookshelf, or even a self-contained kids playroom and toy store. 

The first thing you will need to do is assess the space itself according to the layout of your home, as this will help you to identify the best and most productive use of your under stair space. For example, if your stairs are next to your kitchen then your under-stair storage could double up as a pantry; if your stairs open into a lounge or large open hallway, it could be a good opportunity to fit a bespoke desk with charging points and key hooks. 

Once you’ve determined the best use for the space, decide if it needs bespoke fittings or if your vision and be achieved with existing market products that are carefully measured and bought to size. This is where you may need the support or advice of an expert joinery company who can help you use the space in the best possible way.  

Some of the best ways to use your under stair storage space

Under stair work space

Here are some of the most innovative and quirky ways of putting that space under the stairs to good use. 

Reading space

Add some extra seating in your home with a dedicated cosy corner – perfect for reading or writing. Fit a bench seat across from the slanted underside of your stairs to the wall, and then paint the inside nook in a light and bright colour to keep the space feeling open. Accessorise with cosy cushions and blankets for a welcoming finish. 

Surface storage

In a similar style to the former point, you might find that your under-stair storage is best achieved with a desk – offering plenty of surface space for those homeowners who need to see all their items out in order to be sure to remember them. From letters to keys, handbags and school bags, having a little extra surface for storage is a good way of keeping your family moving. 

Concealed storage

Why not make it look like the space under your stairs has been boarded up, only to find that the storage is concealed behind a well-fitted door or drawers. Concealed storage is particularly popular in the build and design of modern homes, where a neat and neutral finish is ideal and coveted by homeowners. 

Luxury storage

If you want to use your under-stair storage in a quirky and standout way, why not turn it into a dream wine storage unit or a dedicated kids’ playroom. This could be concealed with a hidden door that blends into the construction of the stairs or celebrated with a glass-fronted wine fridge door – the choice is yours.


Other options for making the best of that storage under the stairs include:

  • An extra bathroom 
  • A coat closet or coat hooks with complimentary shoe rack
  • A staircase work desk or small office
  • An under-stairs bar
  • Bike storage
  • Your very own bespoke filing cabinet full of drawers and cabinets which fit the space
  • Open-faced storage shelves – another idea for those who like the idea of surface storage

The best way of using the storage space under your stairs will largely be determined by not only the depth of the space available but also the layout of your home and the proximity of the stairs to other rooms in your home. For advice on how best to optimise the way every nook and corner is used, get in touch with our team.