10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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5th January 2022
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Your bathroom needs to tick a series of boxes, presenting as a functional and user friendly space as well as one which is luxurious and allows you to relax into a deep bath or hot shower. But when it comes to remodelling your bathroom, cost and the amount of space you have available can quickly become obstacles to achieving your perfect bathroom. 

To help you to navigate your remodel and use the space in the best way possible, here are 10 of our top bathroom remodel ideas for a modern home. 

Consider placement 

Changing the layout of your bathroom can optimise the way the space is used in line with your preferences and lifestyle. However, always be aware of the functional issues that come with moving certain things, for example the pipework required to fit a toilet or a bath. 

Focus on quality

Remodelled bathroom

It may seem more cost effective to opt for cheap units which look great, but don’t put aesthetics above quality and the longevity of your bathroom tools. Shopping around a little will often enable you to find high quality items which look expensive but are not – especially if you shop for neutral units and accessories which are labelled as out of season but still fit within a timeless aesthetic. 

Use floating shelves and vanity units

If your bathroom is small, floating shelves and units optimise the way your floor space is used and make the space feel more open – as opposed to rooms where the units which all cut into the main space of the bathroom. 

Change the colours in your bathroom

It is always amazing how much of an impact colour can have on an interior space, with neutral colours opening up the space and making it appear larger. You will also find that a neutral colour scheme is easier to compliment and dress up with the right bathroom accessories – making fitting your bathroom more cost effective and enabling you to shop around for the best quality and most long lasting accessories. 

If you do decide to add a pop of colour in your bathroom, keep it consistent and always find items which utilise the same shade of your chosen colour rather than lots of different versions of a similar colour. This will ensure your bathroom is always stylish and well put together. 

Look at texture as well as colour

For a small bathroom, textured tiles can be just as decorative as colourful or patterned ones – while still making the bathroom feel light and open. When it comes to your remodel, consider white or neutrally coloured tiles which present different textural patterns. 

Think about the way your bathroom is heated

From wall-mounted towel rails to underfloor heating, bathrooms can now be heated in a range of different ways – all of which offer their own advantages and selling points. Talk to an expert about the best way to heat your bathroom, optimising the use of space and your energy efficiency.

Use mirrors

Bathroom with mirrors

The oldest trick in the book – adding mirrors to a space can instantly make it appear both brighter and bigger, by reflecting the various sources of light around the room and opening the space up to look larger. As well as mirrors mounted on the walls, consider the value of a standing mirror as an additional extra which makes the bathroom feel more homely and welcoming. 

Upgrade small elements of your bathroom that will make a big difference

If you’re renovating on a budget, you might want to consider the most valuable renovations and changes that you can make to your bathroom – for example, replacing the tiles inside your shower cubicle or resealing around the bathtub. These changes can have a big impact on the room as a whole and can either change the aesthetic completely with different coloured tiles or can simply make the bathroom feel fresher and recently done. 

Choose one feature item in your bathroom

To give your bathroom a luxurious finish, pick a feature and allow that item to stand out – for example, a coloured free standing bathtub, or a brightly framed mirror. Often, designer homes use colour in standout and unconventional ways, making this an easy way of giving your own bathroom that extra special finish. 

Pick reputable experts to work with

If you’re unsure how best to remodel your bathroom, optimising the use of space and ensuring that you achieve your desired results within budget, work with reputable experts who can provide you with advice and their own insight. For our support with your bathroom remodel, get in touch with the team today.