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The kitchen is, for many homeowners and families, the heart of the home – a place for cooking, catching up at the end of the day, entertaining, and spending time together. However, the kitchen is also a space which is packed full of functional tools and preparation surfaces, and so finding the right balance between usable space and a relaxing environment for entertaining can be difficult.

In this article we are sharing some of the best kitchen design ideas we’ve seen, to promote the balance between functionality and style in your kitchen and to inspire you to optimise the way you use your kitchen space. 

Texture over colour in a small kitchen

Making a small kitchen feel homely and stylish can be difficult, especially when too many colours quickly becomes overwhelming and can make your space feel even smaller. Rather than selecting colourful accessories and implements, focus on the aesthetic value of texture – leaning on neutral colours which make your space feel light and open, but with a variety of materials to bring the space to life. Some top ideas include 3D kitchen tiles, a standout kitchen surface, and a mix of chrome and more natural materials. 

Mirrored splashback

Another one for small kitchens, or one which can make a large and open kitchen feel more homely – mirrored splashbacks are both useful and aesthetically interesting, and can make the often quite dark space around the hob feel more open and part of the overall kitchen space. 

L-shaped island

If your kitchen is big enough for an island, then consider the value of integrating an L-shaped island into your kitchen design. Not only does this optimise the use of space and present more surface for storage as well as entertaining and eating – it also helps to create a natural flow of movement around the kitchen. 

Use corners

Kitchen corner

Corners often become dead space in your kitchen, especially when they sit between countertops. However, you can find some really clever and innovative drawers and cupboards which pull out and allow you to really make the most of that space so that it is not lost. If your kitchen design leaves other corners in your kitchen without décor or functional utensils, consider looking at corner-built larders and cabinets for some extra storage. 

Built-in utensils

From shelf-mounted spice racks to slidable chopping boards which sit beneath your worktop and slide out when being used, built-in utensils make great use of the surface space and are only on show when you need to use them – keeping your surfaces clear and clean when not in use. 

Removable larder shelves

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a specific ingredient and finding that it’s right at the back of a top shelf in your larder or storage cupboard. Integrating removable shelves into your larder allows you to simply take the whole shelf out, find your chosen ingredient, and put it back. 

Bench seats

Perfect for a kitchen island or dining table, oozing country house kitchen vibes, benches are not only comfortable and stylish but can also double up as storage surfaces when not being used or when you’re not entertaining – and provide a source of seating which can easily be moved throughout your home depending on your needs. Find cushions which compliment your kitchen design scheme to add an extra layer of comfort to your bench seat. 

Hide your fridge behind a cupboard door

This is such a simple one and can really streamline the aesthetic presentation of your kitchen, removing the ugly and standout look of a fridge door and concealing it behind a cupboard door which matches the rest of your kitchen. This can also be used as a trick to conceal your washing machine and dishwasher. 

Natural materials

From the rustic finish of natural wood to the industrial feel created by the use of metal, using natural materials in a kitchen is a great way to make the space feel warmer and more homely. It also creates juxtaposition between the white goods and the surfaces, making the space feel more interesting and leaning into the idea of texture that we discussed in an earlier point. 

Use a kitchen island for storage

Finally, look for ways of building storage into your kitchen island or breakfast bar – whether it’s a built-in wine fridge, microwave, or shelving for all your favourite recipe books. 

For more advice on optimising your kitchen space and harnessing the power of clever design to make your kitchen a welcoming and user-friendly environment, get in touch with our team.