Innovative Office Interior Design Ideas

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While some of us have started our return to the office, there are still more people than ever before working from home – something which has led to a huge rise in demand for office furniture, home office décor, and inspiration for bringing an at-home workspace or commercial office to life. 

In this blog post we share some of our top ideas for injecting creativity and personality into your office, whether it’s at home or in a commercial company space.

But first, why is office interior design important?

The importance of office interior design

When creating a space for just yourself or for you and colleagues to work in for around eight hours a day, you should be looking for ways of ensuring that space is relaxing but productive; creative and stimulating, but also functional and comfortable. 

Office interior design refers not just to the colour of the walls and the desk accessories, but also to the layout of the space and the way furniture is built into the navigation of the office.

From the placement of desks and chairs in relation to doors, to the addition of small details which add brand personality and personal preferences, this blog post uncovers some of the best and most appealing office ideas for keeping your space fresh, supportive, safe, and productive. 

Innovative design ideas for your office

Keep it collaborative

Office workers

There’s a fine line between ensuring that each employee or worker has their own privacy and quiet working space and encouraging collaboration and interaction between workers. A great way of achieving that balance is with an open plan office layout with side rooms for quiet working and calls – adding lounge and breakout spaces in addition for downtime and discussion. 


In a home office, choosing colours which motivate you personally will help to keep you inspired and productive. In a commercial office, colour should be used in partnership with your branding, creating an office environment which acts as a hub of business activity, introduces visitors to your brand instantly, and adds energy to the surroundings. 

Integrate technology

Technology has become so ingrained in our office and home lives that we have come to expect it everywhere we go – from accessible charging points to voice activated lights and the very best coffee machines on the market. While some of these are not necessary for an office, certain investments can add to both the functionality of the office and its aesthetic – and can make the days of those working in the space much easier. 

Opt for a modern look

White walls and black office chairs are out – colourful focal points, homely furnishings, and indoor plants are in. Modern office spaces tend to rely on pops of colour surrounding a minimalist vibe, in a move which ensures a space is clean and stylish in its aesthetic without too much upkeep. 

Indoor plants

Office with plants in it

Talking of indoor plants, these don’t just look good – they are also said to boost the mood of workers in an office and can help to keep the air in the office space pure and clean. Plus, they add a great pop of colour and vibrance to even the blandest and most neutral space. 

Natural inspiration

Moving away from indoor plants, this idea has less to do with accessories and more to do with the overall structure of your office and the materials you decide to us – namely touching on the warm and welcoming vibe that can be created when you use natural wood in your office. Wooden furnishings, shelving, and wall panelling are all on the rise across home and commercial offices, making a space feel elegant as well as productive and welcoming. 

Choose glass

In the office spaces where wood doesn’t work, choose glass. Integrating glass walls between different breakout and boardroom spaces in your office will keep the whole space full of natural light – maximising the effect of each and every window around your exterior wall. Glass allows you to break a large office into smaller usable spaces without impacting on natural light at all – making it one of the most popular office design ideas of the 21st century. 

Experiment with shapes and textures

If your office is a large, open space, experimenting with a blend of circular shapes and unexpected textures can help to transform an angular and bland office into somewhere creative and productive. In a home office, texture is particularly important here – whether that be adding rugs, texture feature walls, or curtains instead of standard office blinds. 

Office interior design is what will keep your workspace fresh – so try some of these ideas or get in touch with us to find out how we can bring your office space to life.