Why You Should Consider Custom Furniture for Your Next Home Project

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Hunting for the perfect piece of furniture can be an exhausting task. Finding a piece or two that is not only the right size for your space but also matches your decor can mean you visit endless rounds of furniture shops. After all that effort, you might well end up having to settle and end up with something that is close to, but not quite what you wanted. However, bespoke furniture could offer the solution you are looking for. 

Getting a piece of custom furniture might be something you have never considered. There are a lot of advantages over pounding the pavements and visiting every shop in town and every website online. Many fear that custom furniture is only for the rich, however often a quality piece of furniture that you love can be incredibly affordable and great value for money.


Custom made furniture is made to a much higher standard than factory-made furniture. Because each piece is individually made, all the details of its construction are considered. The result is a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. 

With a custom piece of furniture, you know exactly what your piece is made of. You don’t have to worry if there are any pieces of veneer. Or, that there might be lower quality materials hidden behind the exterior.

When you buy a quality piece of furniture, it will maintain its appearance and thus is value. Years or even decades after getting your furniture, it will still be a showpiece. A custom piece of furniture could become a family heirloom, or you may be able to resell it at a reasonable price.

The Perfect Fit

Custom made furniture being built
Custom made furniture can be designed to fit perfectly in any existing spaces in your room

When you buy furniture from a store, you often have to make a compromise on the size. Because all the choices come in standard sizes, you will probably end up having to pick a piece that nearly fits the space. On the other hand, with a custom piece, you can get a piece that will fit exactly as you want it to. No more annoying gaps between your cabinet and the wall.

Value for Money

It might seem contradictory to suggest that the more expensive option is the one that offers you better value, but this is genuinely the case. When you buy a discount or a factory-made piece of furniture, it may be kinder on your bank balance initially. However, these cheaper pieces of furniture will not last nearly as long.

Over ten years you will have to replace cheaper pieces as they will not last. This need to replace the furniture will ultimately lead to you spending more money over the long term.

Get What You Really Want

By choosing a piece of custom furniture, you have the opportunity to exert your own creativity, as well as harnessing that of the carpenter or joinery company you choose to undertake the project. This means that you will end up with not only a piece of furniture but a piece of art to enjoy in your home.

Creativity is useful for not only getting the finish that you want but also for finding the perfect storage or display solution that you need. When it comes to finding the ideal solution you are not only limited to the mass-produced, one size fits all solutions. Instead, you can work with an experienced artisan to create a bespoke furniture piece for your unique needs.

No Need to Compromise

When you are looking at furniture in a store you often have to make compromises between style and colour. Imagine finding a piece of furniture that ticks all the boxes. It is the perfect size and shape. It has all the storage features you want. The only problem is that it’s made of maple and the rest of your furniture in that room is mahogany. Now you have to choose, do you want the perfect style or the right colour.

With a custom made piece you don’t have to choose, you can get everything that you want in one piece. No compromise necessary. 

The Long and Short of it

Custom made furniture provides multiple benefits over mass-produced counterparts. You will end up with a piece that meets your exact needs, and it can be a reflection of your personal style. Custom furniture is also an investment. While it may fetch a higher initial cost, it is often worth it in the long run.