Hotel Interior Design Guide

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Think of a time you’ve had a great holiday or trip away from home, the likelihood is, you’ll be able to remember the hotel you stayed in and the effect it had on the trip. Hotels can have a lasting impression on guests, and one way of making a positive impact is to have an appealing interior design and enlisting the services of a quality commercial interior design company.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all things interior design and highlight some important aspects when considering hotel interior design. 

The importance of good hotel interior design

The design of a hotel can have a huge influence over consumer decisions, and with the hospitality industry being highly competitive, impressive hotel design can be an appealing factor when guests are considering where to stay. Hotels need to stand out ahead of their competition, especially in towns or cities that are filled with other hotels. 

People want to stay in hotels that are aesthetically pleasing and make them feel welcome. Therefore, it’s important for hotel interiors to be appealing, as it can help to create the necessary welcoming atmosphere for guests. 

Key things to consider

Hotel public area

There are several points to consider when designing the interior of a hotel, and we’ve come up with a list of essential considerations that can hopefully help establish the type of interior you want to go for when conducting hotel design. 

Consider your focus

Whilst it can be tempting to try and appeal to everyone, it’s impossible to have an aesthetic that appeals to every potential person that might stay at your hotel. Therefore, it’s important to focus on what you want your hotel to be and what you want the design to represent. A hotel needs to be welcoming and friendly, but it should also have design qualities that make it stand out above other hotels and offer a unique experience. 

The types of guests you want to attract

Although it’s impossible to generalise all the guests that will want to stay at your establishment, it can help to define a target audience, which will likely influence your interior design. If your hotel is going to be targeting guests that are travelling on business or for work purposes, then you will need to have a different approach if you were targeting families staying for a weekend away. 

If your hotel is aimed more at families, you might want the design of the hotel to appeal to the whole family, with different elements of the décor standing out for different reasons. If you are aiming to appeal to older travellers, you might want to base the interior design on the aesthetics of the local area and historical events. 

Design rooms for the future

Modern hotel room design

When designing your hotel, you’ll want to establish an aesthetic that is timeless so that you don’t need to be constantly updating the entire design – this is especially important for the rooms your guests will be staying in. The advice for staying timeless is to choose themes and furnishings that generally age well. This might involve a simple design, especially for major pieces of furniture and fixtures. You can always keep up to date with trends through smaller pieces of movable furniture that can be easily swapped out. 

Local aesthetics 

Hotels that take inspiration from local aesthetics often leave a welcome impression on guests. If your hotel is targeted at travellers, most people who stay will likely be interested in the local area, so decorating the hotel with local touches can allow guests to feel welcome and immersed in the area. 

Whether this involves following a particular colour scheme or using some or designing some unique architectural elements that are representative of the local area, these types of additions can bode well for guests. Not all hotels will have the capacity for architectural changes, however, you can still use materials and décor pieces that represent the area. 

Choosing the right furniture 

Another major aspect of hotel interior design is selecting the right furniture. The furniture you decide to go with needs to be both practical and suit the hotel from a design point of view. Whereas a mix and match of different types of furniture might work for some hotels, it almost certainly won’t work for others, so this needs to be considered carefully. 

Choosing to follow a particular colour scheme with your furniture can help to ensure that your interior design follows a particular theme, but you might need to expand from this to improve variety. One option for hotels is to use bespoke furniture, which helps to create a more unique atmosphere for guests and makes a more memorable impression of your hotel.