Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

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Design trends are constantly evolving, and with every new year, an array of new trends is on the horizon. Whether you are taking the DIY route or looking for an interior design company, knowing the style and décor you want is the first step. If you are planning on revamping your home in 2020, read on to discover the top interior design trends for this year.

Colour Trends For 2020

The colours you choose for your home play a huge role in the way you feel and the overall vibe of the space. An interior design company will tell you that colour trends change all the time, and many come back around time and time again. When it comes to 2020 colour trends, the top favourites include;

Pink: For most people, the thought of a pink room leads to flashbacks of a tween bedroom, but this year it is set to be one of the top colours for interiors. Pink is such a strong, bold colour, so there are a few rules for really mastering it. Dusky, blush-toned, and muted pinks are the way forward this year, combine with a stylish matt finish for a modern yet rustic look.

Blue: The last few years have seen grey as the most popular colour for many interiors, but it seems that has finally been overtaken by bold blues. So much so that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue. The blue trend is clean, elegant and uplifting without being too bold and bright to incorporate into any home. After years of grey and white trends, a splash of colour is very welcome in 2020.

Neutral Hues: Neutral colours have been popular for many years and set to continue the trend into 2020. Cool neutrals are on the rise, such as dulled greens and blues, just like the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020; Tranquil Dawn. A soft, light green that can be effortlessly blended with creams, pinks and greys.

Kitchen Trends For 2020

Minimalistic kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most commonly refurbished spaces. Kitchen trends are ever-changing and 2020 is due to see some beautiful and unique kitchen designs.

Minimalistic: Integrated cabinets and appliances have been around for many years, but the next trend taking over in 2020 is completely concealed kitchens. This huge design trend uses smarter storage and is perfect for small kitchen spaces. Small appliances and items that traditionally cluttered worktops are disappeared into flush cabinets leaving uninterrupted surfaces and open spaces.

Two-Toned: Stark white kitchens have been a trend for a while, but the colour is back and not just one, but two-coloured kitchens are set to be the next big thing. 2020 will see kitchen cupboards embracing the two-toned look and a common iteration is a dark colour for floor-level cabinets and a light shade for higher ones.

Design Trends For 2020

No matter the room, an interior design company will utilise some of the latest trends across every space in your home. There are some upcoming design trends that are sure to feature in various areas of your home.

Maximalism: Minimalism has been in for years, and finally maximalism is taking centre stage. Minimalism was a focus on keeping things clean, simple and toned down, while maximalism is the total opposite. 2020 will be the year of embracing the grand and lavish. Think big, bold patterns, colourful décor and statement furniture, but be careful not to end up with spaces looking cluttered.

Patterns And Prints: Going hand in hand with maximalism, bold patterns and prints are back this year. Traditional prints are all the rage in 2020, including florals and animal print. Patterns are perfect for brightening up kitchen splash-backs, dull walls and even floors with a statement rug.

Sustainability: Sustainability is not a trend that is just for an interior design company, but all industries are increasing their focus on this important topic. More and more people are thinking about where their products are coming from and the impact they could be having.

We expect to see a rise in people choosing to invest in locally made furniture, sustainably sourced products and recycled materials. Upcycling is also set to be on the rise, and it is true that one person’s trash is another’s treasure.