Interior Design Trends 2021

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31st May 2021
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14th June 2021

Like with anything, trends change throughout time and aesthetics can start to look outdated. Similarly to fashion, trends within interior design come in cycles and desirable aesthetics come and go. If you’re looking to upgrade the interior design of your house, here’s a few ideas of trends that have been commonly found throughout homes in 2021. 

Take a maximalist approach to decorating 

After a challenging year or two where many people have been stuck inside their own homes, there has been a change in attitudes towards plain and minimalist décors. This shift in attitudes has seen more and more people want to take a maximalist approach to decorating by using louder colours and more erratic furniture. 

In 2021, one of the most prevalent trends has been to use a variety of contrasting patterns and colours with one or two grounding common tones to bring the room together. Whether you are just looking to shake up your living room or are planning to redesign the entire interior of your property, using a maximalist approach can help you transform your aesthetic into a more vibrant and modern aesthetic. 

Vintage furniture 

Vintage style sofa

Repurposing old vintage furniture has made a resurgence throughout 2021, which has followed the trend of recycling in other aspects of life. Antique and retro pieces of furniture can add a bit of extra life to your house and the vintage style typically adds more character to the aesthetic of the room. 

In addition to actual vintage furniture, many people are choosing to go with bespoke style interiors that give off a vintage-style impression. With bespoke furniture and fittings you can create a repurposed look that fits in with a more modern look.  

Make the home office a focal point

We all recognise how important home offices have been over the past year or so, and they have now come to the forefront in terms of interior design. Home offices need to be practical as well as being able to inspire creativity and motivation. The style might depend on the type of work you’ll be doing from your office. 

Your choice of desk and seat may depend on whether you do a lot of writing, reading, or working from a computer. Aside from the practicalities of a home office, you’ll also want to get the look right and make the area stand out. Patterned wallpaper, bespoke furniture and unique artwork can all help make your home office a standout area of your home. 

Matching furniture outdated

In line with the maximalist trend that has been seen throughout 2021, identical matching furniture sets are decreasing in popularity as the simplicity isn’t fitting the current mood. 

Many homeowners are choosing to buy non-matching bespoke furniture items that compliments each other rather than fully coordinated furniture sets. This can help showcase more personality in your home rather than just having matching furniture for the sake of it. 

Plants all over the house 

House plants

Houseplants are absolutely in right now, and the variety of home greenery you can choose from is extensive. Whether you’re a fan of large hanging vines or small blossoming flowers, there are house plants that suit everyone! 

In terms of what they add to your aesthetic, plants can bring an extra sense of life to your home whilst also adding colour and vibrancy. House plants also help to freshen up the air in your house as they filter out pollutants and release oxygen. 

White and grey going out of fashion?

All white interiors and all grey aesthetics look like they are falling out of popularity. All grey kitchens have been typically popular in recent years, with homeowners choosing to go with grey cabinets, walls, and surface tops. However, with a shift towards bolder colours, grey kitchens seem to be an aesthetic of the past. Grey can come off as quite cold, and many people are currently wanting a more upbeat atmosphere in their kitchens. 

The shift towards maximalism has also led to a decline in all white interiors. This minimalist style has been popular for the past few years, especially when it comes to interior design for bedrooms. However, people are now starting to want more lively bedrooms so are turning their attention to more colourful interiors.