Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

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The kitchen is, for most homeowners, the heart of the home. It’s where you spend mealtimes and family time, often presents a great place for entertaining, and is packed full of those useful amenities and gadgets that you use every single day. 

With that said, there is no single way to do a kitchen well. And with such a wide range of trends and fashions constantly flying around the kitchen design space, we thought it was time to produce a breakdown of some of our favourite trends for 2021. 

Open plan vs. closed spaces

Before we dive into our list of trends, this is an interesting starting point because it takes the number one trend of the last few years and tips it on its head. Open plan kitchens have long been the most coveted of designs – opening the living space and kitchen out into one entertaining space which is homely, welcoming, and bright. But with the pandemic and working from home, families began to crave smaller and more private spaces – with separate dining rooms and smaller study rooms the more popular.

As such, both open plan designs and closed spaces are popular in 2021, as some people continue to follow the home working “new normal” while others still look for that open plan space. 

Terracotta and other warm colours

Reminiscent of holidays spent in Italian villages and Spanish villas, terracotta and other similar warm shades are making their comeback, in a style which screams “country kitchen” but which is often presented in a very modern way. To bring your terracotta styling into the 21st century, consider subtle ways of working the tones into your design scheme and pair it with cool neutrals to retain the modern backdrop. 

Sustainable materials

Wooden natural kitchen

From industrial metals to natural woods, sustainable materialsin the kitchen are on-trend and tie good style sense in with a desire to look after and care for the planet in whatever way we can. 

Due to the range of different materials available, sustainable kitchen solutions tend to be best served with bespoke creations – hand crafted by a professional interior design company

Angles and straight lines

If you’ve ever looked at a truly modern home, you will notice how many straight lines and angles there are – and this is particularly true of the modern kitchen. Committed homeowners and designs maximise this further by using bespoke panelling on the walls and across their kitchen island to add even more lines to the design, creating an elevated texture to boost the aesthetic style. 

Decorative lighting

With modern and minimalist surroundings comes a calling for decorative statement elements – and what better statement to make than with a bold lighting option hanging down into your kitchen? We particularly love the trend of low hanging lights over a kitchen island or breakfast bar, turning the functional light into a design feature.

Built storage into the space

Let’s talk bespoke storage solutions. These are the kinds of additional elements in a modern kitchen that conceal your storage while using the space in the very best way possible. From building cupboards into complex corners, to designing a bespoke set of shelves to match a small statement wall, bespoke storage solutions look at your lifestyle and the needs you and your family have and present the best options tailormade for you.

Hot water taps

This one may seem a little out there, but the idea of hot water on demand is not just popular – it’s highly coveted and is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2021. This makes instant tea, coffee, and other hot drinks as easy as switching on a tap – adding to our modern preference for what we want being given to us immediately. 

Dark backdrops

The increase in dark worktops and walls makes those lighter statement colours and accessories pop and stand out – and this is a trend which is taking 2021 by storm. We love the idea of darker stone materials in the kitchen, with light accent colours reversing the norm and giving the kitchen a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Fun tiles

Whether it’s a patterned tile, a brightly coloured tile, or the way the tiles fit together, fun tiled walls around the kitchen surface add a new aesthetic focal point which is vibrant and uses the space really well – presenting colour and design through the very construction of the space, rather than in a multitude of accessories which add to the clutter. 

Our kitchen 2021 round up 

From colours to structural build and storage solutions, the top kitchen trends for 2021 are very much built around lifestyle and aesthetic presentation; blending looks with practicality. Whether you are looking to build a bespoke kitchen from scratch or find innovative ways of modernising and optimising your use of space, we can help breathe new life into your kitchen – whatever your favourite trend may be.