6 Kitchen Makeover Ideas To Consider In 2019

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24th February 2019
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Knowing where to start when you want to give your kitchen a makeover can be difficult, and it can be easy to just stick with what you are already familiar with. Stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to remodelling your kitchen can open your eyes to a realm of unique ideas and possibilities that can really transform your kitchen into something beautiful.

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is used for so much more than cooking. It has become a social space that is used for entertaining and relaxing, and your kitchen remodel should reflect precisely that. Kitchen trends change constantly, and while the all-white look was all the rage a few years ago, recently a more layered and inviting look has become the popular choice.

We’re sharing our top six kitchen design ideas to consider in 2019, to keep your kitchen looking beautiful for the years to come.

Vary Your Countertops

Many people choose to keep everything in their kitchen perfectly matching, and while that can work for some, it can make the room look very mundane and repetitive. Using different countertop treatments in different areas on a kitchen has become increasingly popular and can give the room a bit more depth and intrigue.

Kitchen counter top

If you have an island, consider having one type of countertop for this and then a contrasting countertop for the rest of your kitchen. For example, you might choose granite for one area of your kitchen, and then a quartz countertop for elsewhere for a nice contrast.

Opt For Two-Tone Cabinets

It isn’t just your countertops that don’t have to match, but a recent trend has seen many kitchens with two-tone cabinets. With this style, you choose one cabinet colour for the base units and then another for the wall units. Having the base units slightly darker than the wall units can look really sleek and open the room up to make it feel a bit lighter and more spacious.

While mixing two different cabinet tones can sound like a scary idea, when done properly it can look really amazing.

Utilise Other Furniture

You can make your kitchen more welcoming and stimulating by incorporating furniture effortlessly. If space allows, add a comfortable seating area with sofas and dining tables, or various bar seating options around an island. This is an excellent choice if you often use your kitchen for entertaining and spending time with your family and friends.

A chest of drawers and side tables are also items that are not often thought of when you are considering kitchen furniture but can be a lovely homely addition to any kitchen while also providing additional storage space.

Get Creative With Lighting

When most people design their kitchen, they choose standard lighting such as a centre light from the ceiling. It is the obvious solution, and many people don’t even consider the other options available for kitchen lighting.

You should ensure that your countertops are well lit by using spotlights below your cupboards. Alternative lighting can also create some unique vibes in a kitchen, such as hard-wired island lamps which will produce a warm light that will give height to the centre of your kitchen.

Add A Rug

The idea of having a rug or any kind of carpet in a kitchen is quite unusual. Most people will automatically be against the idea because it can seem like more hassle than it is worth in terms of keeping it clean and tidy. When you are designing your new kitchen, it can be worthwhile including a rug as they give the room added texture and can really bring the other décor to life.

Choose an outdoor carpet rug if you can, as these are often much more robust and easier to clean and maintain. Whether or not a rug can fit into your kitchen space nicely will really depend on the size and shape that you have to work with.

Choose Open Shelving

Kitchen cupboards can look very boring and mundane, but a great way to break your kitchen up a bit is to opt for open shelving instead. Open shelving sections, as well as cupboards, can add interest to your kitchen and allow you to display some pretty kitchen items such as nice plates and glasses.

This trend is growing in popularity and can add a decorative dimension to any kitchen by effortlessly breaking up the floor to ceiling cabinets.

So, to keep your kitchen up to date for 2019 and beyond by implementing one or more of these new trends for instant style and impact.