5 Top Retail Unit Design Trends for 2019

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The success of a retail brand depends hugely on its design and execution, and the key is to produce something that appeals to the target audience enough for them to walk through your doors and buy your products.

When planning a retail fit out, every little detail is vital and will ultimately have an impact on the overall success of the business. With many experts already predicting that the retail sector is due to continue to struggle in 2019, it is more important than ever to make sure your stores are really standing out on the high street.

Read on to discover the top retail design trends for 2019, and how they can help your retail business thrive through both the product design and the store execution.

Be Instagrammable

Instagram friendly store

Having an ‘Instagrammable’ store can do wonders for your business

Social media coverage and a good online presence are hugely important to businesses, especially those in the retail sector and Instagram is arguably the most powerful tool right now. Having your store shared online regularly by customers will help to build your brand awareness and drive more people into your shop.

The key is to design a space that creates ‘Instagrammable’ moments for your customers so that they naturally want to whip out their smartphones and share the moment with their followers. Some of the best Instagrammable brands are so successful because they create completely immersive experiences, where their customers forget where they are and are introduced to a whole new place.contentlyconsulting.co.uk

Working with experienced interior designers means you can create a unique and unforgettable space that is sure to be shared across the ‘gram.

Create Social Spaces

More and more retail brands are creating social spaces where their customers can relax, sit down and chat away while in store. Creating areas where your customers can unwind will make your store have more of a coffee shop vibe, and less of a busy shop feel.

Changing areas are a popular place to provide seating areas, but there is no need to limit it to the changing rooms if you don’t want to. The idea is to turn your space into a social environment where your customers will want to spend their time.

Incorporate Mirrors

Cleverly using mirrors in your retail design can not only make your store look larger and more spacious but can also add a unique edge to your business. Having a combination of large reflections and flattering lighting can transform a space instantly.

Many stores will only use mirrors for practical reasons, such as around changing rooms and where their customers really need them, but there is so much more that can be done with a good mirror.

Touchscreen mirrors are also growing in popularity and can offer something exciting and different that will really grab your customers attention.

Design For The Community

Having a retail store is not just about having a shop that your customers can visit to buy your products anymore. There is so much more to retail than that these days and your business’s space needs to be ready for whatever comes its way.

Retail stores boasting communal and social spaces are becoming increasingly popular and are often used for hosting events of all kinds. Consider designing your retail space in a way that means it could be used for a range of different social activities, such as hosting a party, and fitness class or a live performance.

This will give your brand the flexibility to offer so much more than just products for sale, as you will be able to invite your customers to your store for events and activities. Clothing stores can host fashion shows, fitness brands can run a yoga class, and any retail company can host a launch party, while also showing off the store itself.

Consider a F&B Partnership

Coffee shop in retail store

Perhaps a partnership with a local cafe could benefit both businesses?

An increasing number of high street stores are partnering with food and beverage brands by adding a café element to their locations. Not only is this something extra to offer your customers while they are visiting your store, but it gives them even more reason to visit you in the first place.

Choosing a food and beverage sponsor from your local community can also be a great way to increase your brand exposure and appeal to their existing customers as well as your own. Look for an offering that will fit well within your brand, and something that will appeal to your business’ target market.

Some brands might benefit from a relaxing coffee shop within their stores, while others might want to offer a juice bar or even a cupcake stall.