5 Tips for Creating Your Perfect Bedroom

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home; it is where you wake every morning, relax after a long day, and get ready for a new day ahead. A well-designed bedroom can have a big impact on your daily life, as you can rise every day in a comfortable and well-planned space and organise your belongings sensibly and cleverly to avoid clutter and mess.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary away from the stresses and struggles of everyday life, but knowing how to create that ideal personal getaway isn’t always easy. Here we share our top bedroom interior design tips which will help you utilise your space in the most effective way, allowing you to get the most out of your home.

1.    Begin with the bed

It is called the bedroom for a reason, and your sleeping space should be the most important area of the room. Your bed is probably the place you spend the most time, so it needs to be just right. When creating your perfect bedroom, it is a good idea to begin with the bed and then work around that.

Choose a bed you really love, and invest in a good mattress, and the revolve the design of the room around that. The bed is the most crucial piece of furniture and will be the piece that ties the entire room together, so choose one that really reflects your vision of your bedroom. If there’s nothing on the market that really fits your style and personality, then consider a custom-made option. This can be an excellent choice when you need additional storage or want custom-made furniture to coordinate with the bed too.

2.    Don’t forget the ceiling

In most rooms in your home, your ceiling is irrelevant, but in your bedroom, it will actually be seen an awful lot. When you are lying in bed, you don’t want to be staring up at a plain, bland surface. Give your bedroom an added feeling of intimacy and comfort by decorating your ceiling as well as the other walls.

Keep it light to keep the room open and bright or opt for some kind of stencil or wallpaper to add some pattern to your ceiling. If you aren’t keen on redecorating your ceiling, then opt for a stylish chandelier or light shade, or even a canopy or tented bed to add texture and warmth to the room.

3.    Choose the right colour scheme

The wall colour you choose for your bedroom will play a big part in the overall look and feel of the space. Soothing shades and monochrome tones can create a calm and serene environment, while deep reds and rich colours will offer comfort and cosiness.

Think about the kind of feeling you want to create in your bedroom and choose a colour scheme that fits with that. It isn’t just the walls that you need to consider, but also make sure your furniture ties in with your colours well.

4.    Maximise your storage space

The best way to make your bedroom feel serene, calm and spacious is to store everything out of sight. De-cluttering your bedroom with clever storage solutions can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space. Make the most of your room by investing in a custom-made wardrobe for all your clothing.

Bedroom interior design

If your bedroom is small, choose floor-to-ceiling fitted units to make full use of all the space you have available. Opt for bedside tables with drawers and cupboards so you can keep your essentials nearby but neatly hidden away.

For spare blankets, pillows and sheets, invest in a storage bench or trunk for the foot of your bed, which can also double up as a separate seating area.

5.    Create yourself a floor-plan

When creating your dream bedroom, it can be tempting just to hit the shops and begin buying the first pieces of furniture you fall in love with. However, you should properly plan out your space before you begin shopping. Furniture should perfectly fit the room it is going into, and the easiest way of ensuring this is to create a floor plan and measure your available space accurately.

You may find that the pieces you love will not work in the space due to shape and size restrictions. Instead, take photographs of pieces you love and ask a joinery company to handcraft your favourite pieces in the sizes that will work for you.

Remember to try to create a clear walkway through the entire room, and not to over-clutter with more furniture than the room can hold. A couple of pieces of well-designed and planned furniture is often all you need in a bedroom and can be created to meet all your storage needs without crowding your space.