Outdoor Decor Trends for Summer 2021

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7th July 2021
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Thinking of improving your garden design for the summer? We’ve got all the inspiration you might need right here in this blog! Read on to discover the outdoor décor trends which look set to take the summer by storm in 2021. 

Ambient lighting

Whilst solar lighting has been a growing trend in gardens throughout the past decade, there is now an even more significant push towards ambient garden lighting. Whether you are wanting to light up the walkway to your front door or create a well-lit social area in your back garden, lighting can add to the aesthetics of your outdoors. 

An appropriately lit outdoor space will allow for evenings with friends and family to be spent in the open air, and ambient lighting can create that welcoming atmosphere.  

Outdoor workspace

Outdoor office workspace

With working from home becoming a more regular occurrence for people these days, many have decided to design a home office within the house to help them work more comfortably and effectively. But who says a home office needs to be inside? Leading up to the summer months, outdoor workspaces have even started to become a more sought-after option.

There’s nothing more draining than being stuck indoors on a summers day when you’re trying to work, an outdoor workspace allows you to work comfortably from your garden. 

Of course, rain is a common feature of British weather, but the good news is that outdoor workspaces can be constructed with suitable cover so that you can still work outdoors regardless of the rain! 

Self-sustaining gardens

There has been an increased interest in sustainability across the whole of the UK, and more people are trying to be proactive with their household contributions. Because of this, there has been an increased focus on self-sustaining gardens, using compost and chemical-free products to help plants grow. 

Another way of creating a self-sustaining garden includes installing a drip irrigation system with a rain sensor to automatically water your plants. This helps to avoid using toxic products and only uses natural rainwater to help sustain your growing garden. 

Seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors 

Matching up the look and feel of your indoor living area with your outdoor area is certainly a trend to look out for in 2021. This can involve arranging the furniture and fixtures as if the indoor and outdoor space were the same room. Another way of creating this transition is by using the same style of flooring in both locations, as well as using the same fabrics. You may choose to create the transition between a conservatory room and your outdoor space, or if you don’t have a conservatory, your main living area and outdoor living can share an aesthetic. 

Artificial grass installation 

There are a number of different uses for artificial grass, and it has become a popular choice for homeowners due to it being simple to maintain. Artificial grass can be a useful substitute if your garden is covered by shade, which makes it difficult for natural grass to grow. It’s also ideal if you have children, as it means there’s no need to worry about mud getting brought into the house after they have been playing outside! 

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchen area

Taking barbecues to the next level, outdoor kitchens and cooking areas have become more popular than ever! If space permits, you can build an ideal cooking station along with an outdoor dining area and enjoy your meals from the comfort of your garden. Again, you’ll likely want to ensure you have sufficient cover in place, so you can make full use of an outdoor kitchen area regardless of the weather! 

Social front gardens

Front gardens are often neglected, with a much larger focus being put on the maintenance of back gardens by homeowners. However, front gardens are now starting to get the attention they deserve! The front of your house is often an ideal area to create a living space. After a year where most people have been restricted to their own homes and away from their local communities, a front garden social space can allow you to feel more connected to your neighbours. 

Front gardens also make a nice change from the regular back garden living spaces and can provide a more informal setting. Even a small seating area can add a bit of life to the area and gives you an extra social space that you would not have had otherwise. 

Outdoor technology

As our lives become more integrated with technology, there’s been an increased desire to have accessibility to online platforms from all over. Wi-Fi boosters are a must-have for anyone setting up an outdoor workspace, and outdoor projectors for movie nights have also become a more popular feature of homes.