Hospitality Industry Design Ideas Following the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, and one of the industries which has been hit the hardest is hospitality. It’s meant that many establishments have had to close for long periods, and those that are open have been hit with restrictions.

Many businesses have had to reconsider their approach to be able to stay in line with restrictions, which has led to an increased demand for design adjustments.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how different businesses in the hospitality industry can adapt their designs to fit in with the ‘new normal’. 

If you are operating in this industry and are interested in a restaurant, bar or cafe design upgrade for your business, then the following information could come in handy and become a source of inspiration.

Design ideas for the hospitality industry with social distancing as a priority


One of the biggest design changes for restaurants has been the focus on outdoor seating. Many restaurant owners are choosing to create new outdoor spaces, which comply with social distancing and are in line with restrictions.

Popular restaurant design choices for outdoor spaces include using canopies or other forms of shelter. Of course, no one wants to dine outside in the pouring rain, so some form of cover is vital to keep your restaurant a viable option in all weather conditions. 

Another wise idea is to get a heating system installed. Dining out in the summer is delightful, but it can be less appealing when the winter months roll around. Electric heaters or heat lamps are common choices for outdoor spaces, or if your outdoor design can accommodate it, a fire pit is a lovely touch. 


Social distancing in a cafe

For most cafes, there has been a significant focus on takeout orders during the pandemic, however, with restrictions lifting, they are now able to open their doors again. With most cafes being smaller than restaurants or bars, owners have had to be more creative with how they utilise space. Some cafes have opted to use PVC or glass dividers in between tables to help keep in line with social distancing measures

Outdoor seating areas have also been a common design option for cafes over the past months. Even if it’s just a small area outside the front of the entrance, having an additional outdoor seating area can help attract more people to visit. 

Bars and pubs

Post pandemic bar design

Bars and pubs have been hit incredibly hard by lockdowns and covid-related restrictions. Because of this, many operators have had to be extra creative when considering their latest pub and bar design plans. Al fresco style drinking in the UK has become a welcome addition for many keen bar-goers, and it’s been a business saver for local establishments that have been at the mercy of covid restrictions. 

Many bars and pubs have paid detailed attention to their street side and outdoor seating areas, utilising space as best as possible whilst still complying with restrictions. Some venues have even designed their spaces to set up outdoor bars. In terms of aesthetics, businesses have been able to bring their bars to life through unique designs and décor. 


Contactless hotel check in system

It’s been an extremely challenging time for hotels, as restrictions combined with a huge drop in public travelling has meant that they have taken a big hit. The restrictions have led to some interesting redesigns in hotels, with contactless check in counters becoming more commonplace. Like with other hospitality industry services, many hotels have developed apps so guests can check in without direct human interaction. 

With rules and regulations constantly changing, hotels have needed to ensure they are flexible with their common areas. Whether it’s a lobby area with spaced seating or an open room used for activities, it’s a good idea for hotels to redesign their communal areas to be multifunctional. 

Some hotels have installed pandemic-ready airflow systems, which has made for better ventilation in rooms, reducing the risk of potential virus transmission. Hotels have also had to introduce stricter cleaning measures to ensure they are able to fully disinfect rooms before and after guests stay. 

Thankfully, it seems like the hospitality industry is starting to come back to life. However, it doesn’t seem like covid will be eradicated completely anytime soon, so businesses still need to be wary and be able to adapt to any restrictions that are thrown upon them.