Spring Garden Design Tips

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As we finally move out of a long winter and into spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to liven up your garden as you’ll likely be spending more time in it. Even if you don’t want to fully renovate, a simple clean and tidy up can make your garden a much more enjoyable area to relax outside in the sun!

A nice outdoor space can increase the appeal of your house whilst giving you an additional area to spend time in. If you’re wanting to revamp your garden as part of your spring schedule, check out the following tips for redesigning and shaping an outdoor space.

Clean up decking and paving stones

Over time, decking can easily gather up dirt and paving stones can become slimy. Whilst initially this seems like it could be a challenge, a jet wash will be able to leave decking and paving stones looking spotless in no time. It’s a good idea to use a low-pressure wash when cleaning wooden decking and in and around plants as this will avoid causing any damage and spraying soil everywhere.

Alternatively, patios and decking might just need a good scrubbing to remove any excess dirt or slime. After the winter months, wooden furniture or flooring can end up looking pretty grim after being exposed to rain and snow. A thorough wash and clean however should do the trick and leave the area looking a lot more presentable. You can also add some oil to your decking to increase the protection against mould and fungus. 

Give some attention to your lawn

Tidy garden lawn in spring time

An overgrown, untidy garden can leave the entire outside of your house looking unpleasant. Mowing your lawn is a simple way to make your garden look much more appealing. It’s amazing how much of an influence cutting the grass and tidying up the edges of your lawn can have on the aesthetic of your entire garden.

It may also be worth sorting out any bumps or potholes you have in your garden. Returfing any holes that need filling in can give your garden a complete and finished look.

Maintain fences and gates

As well as wanting your garden to look nice, you will also likely want as much privacy and security as possible. Therefore, it’s important you replace any damaged fences with new panels if you are concerned about privacy. Giving your fence a new lick of paint can’t hurt either, and can help bring a more vibrant atmosphere to your garden.

For security reasons, it’s a good idea to have a reliable gate in place. Having a gate that is damaged or unhinged is more likely to invite unwanted attention, whereas a secure working gate can give you better peace of mind.

Tidy up weeds, leaves and borders

Clearing up excess leaves is a quick job you can do to instantly make your garden a cleaner area. Use a rake or leaf blower to collect any fallen leaves and then you can start working on the weeds and dead stems!

Sorting out the borders can seem like an unappealing job, however once it’s done, your garden will look much tidier. Use a hand hoe or three-pronged weeder and start digging up the roots of any weeds that are growing around the borders of your garden. You can then make the borders look neater by adding wood or bark chippings into the gaps. 

Consider some new garden furniture for Spring/Summer

If you want to completely revamp the look and atmosphere of your garden, then it’s worth considering getting some new furniture in time for summer. Whether it’s off the shelf furniture solutions you’re looking for or bespoke designs, Team Build offers a range of garden furniture options. Getting a new seating area or some new decking can help revitalise and enhance your outdoor space and give you an additional place to make the most of sunny days with friends and family.

Spring is the perfect time to redesign or sort out your garden! The weather is getting better and flowers are starting to bloom, so why not try spend more time outdoors? Whether you’re wanting to revamp your garden for personal use or  in order to increase your house’s kerb appeal, it’s worth paying attention to it and it can make for an excellent spring time project.