What Is Commercial Joinery?

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When it comes to fitting out and bringing to life a commercial space, be it a hotel, shop floor, luxury spa or city centre restaurant, it can be easy to focus solely on the decorative accessories for aesthetic presentation and usability. An often overlooked part of these renovations and fit outs, therefore, is joinery – referring to all the woodwork and wooden components which transform an empty space into a usable venue.

Commercial joinery is, in its simplest form, the use of wooden elements to create a commercial space – making it usable for its intended purpose and easy to dress and decorate according to the brand and target consumer.

In this blog post, we’re highlighting the importance of commercial joinery, how it can help you to breathe life into your business, and how our team currently work with businesses across the bespoke joinery industry.

The importance of quality commercial joinery

Every wooden element, component, and feature you see in a business premises is a result of commercial joinery. And while some products follow specific patterns and are frequently used across all manner of businesses and industries, others are more personalised to a business and require a bespoke joinery company.

For example, staircase structures are often similar and require minimal adjustments according to the size of the space and its height – while shelving, desks, reception areas, and custom tables are often more unique and will be commissioned by a business as a bespoke project.

For businesses, quality commercial joinery provides and ensures the following:

  • Safe use of the space, keeping both employees and customers, clients, or visitors to the space safe. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just a focus point of structural components like stairs, but also of smaller features like chairs, tables, and storage spaces.
  • Space efficient features and components which maximise the use of floorspace – for example, creating a storage solution which utilises the height of the room or area as well as the floorspace available.
  • The right aesthetic and presentational fit. While much of the commercial joinery market focuses on the way a space is used and dressed, aesthetic detail is an important factor in how something is built and finished.

Commercial joinery makes all of these things possible, with a bespoke service providing the attention to detail that modern businesses need in order to ensure that their commercial space – be it a customer-facing premises, office, or storage facility – is as functional as it is safe to use and on-brand in design.

How commercial joinery is used in different industries

Commercial joinery space

Commercial joinery is as much about holding wooden components together as it is about bringing spaces to life with the details they need. Some of the ways that commercial joinery is used include:

  • Custom shelving and storage in offices, increasing the productivity of employees by giving them easy access to all of their documents and items
  • Receptions desks / front of house desks in hotels and restaurants
  • Bar structures – including circle-shaped surround bars, large ornate structures and simple bars
  • Rails and shelving in stores and shops
  • Wooden features in bedrooms and communal spaces across hotels and resorts
  • Window frames for an office or customer-facing space
  • Furniture for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and events – allowing you to make best use of the space you are presented with

Aside from being created specifically for each business as part of a bespoke joinery service, all of the above examples of commercial joinery are able to be disassembled and moved whenever the business moves to a new premises or changes.

This increases the versatility of each piece and ensures that commercial joinery supports your business now and in the future.

How the process works

When you engage the services of a commercial joinery company, you will first be invited to a consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. This will include a walkthrough of the commercial space that you are looking to design and enhance with wooden elements and components.

From there we will present you with CAD drawings which include scaled images of how the different elements will fit into the space – taking you through the navigation of the area for users, any challenges or considerations relating to the design and wooden components, and how the space will be enhanced with the addition of joinery.

For more information on our commercial joinery services and to receive a tailored quote for your project, get in touch with our team today.