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An often overlooked part of your home’s interior design and aesthetic, internal doors are what separate different areas of the property and provide privacy as well as peace and quiet when required.

Whether you select your doors from a DIY or renovations retailer, or instead look at bespoke internal doors as an option for your home, internal doors have the power to elevate and transform the environment in and around each room – but there’s a lot to think about.

This guide aims to cut through the complex advice out there and provide a simple outline of internal doors – how to choose them, what to look for, and how to know when you need a bespoke joinery solution.

The difference an internal door makes

Take a look at the door of the room you are sitting in right now. Have you ever noticed it before, or taken notice of the impact it has on the presentation of the space as a whole?

The fact is, there are so many different internal doors out there – and each brings its own aesthetic and functional benefits, whether through a statement colour, a natural grain pattern, or a unique mechanism (for example a sliding door rather than an open and close hinge).

Sliding internal door

Then there’s the way that the door is set into the frame, and how this detail impacts the rest of the room. A door which sits flush against its surrounding wall is infinitely modern and stylish in its approach, while a door which is set into the frame is more traditional.

A panelled door feels more old school in its design while a flat and feature-less door is simple and non-invasive – and the choice of handle on your doors can make or break an entire design scheme.

The look of your internal doors is more than just the colour and material of the door itself – it also encompasses the frame, the hinge or opening mechanism, the handle, and even the situation of the door within the space.

With all that said, how can you choose the best doors for your interior style?

What are internal doors made of?

One of the main things you need to remember about internal doors is that they need to be effective as privacy and sound barriers – but they also need to be easy to open and close. What this means is that many homeowners opt for hollow doors rather than solid or hardwood doors, with solid doors more effective in terms of sound and heat insulation but infinitely more expensive with it.

The outer aesthetic of internal doors

You may be surprised to hear that even the most expensive solid wood doors are often made from one wood and coated with the veneer of another wood for the outer presentation layer. What this does is make the product a little more cost effective in most cases while still giving you the benefit of the detailing of a high end wood – unless your budget is high enough to cover solid oak doors in every frame.

For most homeowners, the decision for internal doors lies between painted doors and natural wood doors – with painted doors presenting a chance to complete a more cohesive aesthetic in each room, while natural wood doors infuse a little natural material into the home and give it that welcoming feel that comes with rustic wood.

TOP TIP: If you’re keeping your doors white or natural wood and want to add a little personality and design flair, consider changing the colour of the frames around the doors or opting for decorative handles.

Internal doors with glazing

A popular trend in modern homes, internal doors with glazed windows allow you to really optimise the flow of natural light within your home and can also be an effective way to create a natural movement between through rooms.

Glazed internal doors are typically relegated to living spaces rather than bedrooms, as they impact privacy – something to be aware of if you want to keep your internal doors consistent throughout your entire home.

Not sure what you’re looking for?

Identifying and finding the perfect internal doors for your home can be tough, especially with the market so saturated with styles, colours, designs, and innovative concepts.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, bespoke internal doors offer a chance to have something made which suits the style of your home – while also ensuring each door is the perfect fit with our comprehensive measurements and handmade touches. For more information, get in touch today.