The Benefits of Wooden Doors

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You may not spend much time thinking about the doors into and around your home, but the role they play is vital to keeping your property safe, secure, and warm. That’s why, here at Team Build Joinery, we always work to make sure that our clients understand the benefits of different door types and materials depending on what they want to achieve – whether it’s a grand entranceway to their home, or well insulated doors within their living space.

In this article, we’re focussing specifically on wooden doors for both interior and exterior use, sharing some of the benefits of wooden doors and how to match your home and needs to the right doors for you.

The different types of wooden door available

There are two main types of wood that you will come across, both when selecting doors and floors, as well as other components of your home’s interior and exterior design and construction.

The first is hardwood which is durable and entirely natural, with hardwood doors a sustainable solution taken directly from the trunk of a tree.

The second is engineered wood, which is both more cost effective and more likely to retain heat inside your home as the material does not warp over time.

Choosing between the two is largely a matter of preference than anything else, with both working well as both interior and exterior door options for the home.

With that said, what are the benefits of wooden doors and why do so many homeowners choose to go with wooden doors when building and designing their ideal home?

The benefits of wooden doors

Wooden door being manufactured

Wooden doors have a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for many homes:

1. They look good

To start with a simple benefit, wooden doors look good. Perfect for both a modern and a more traditional home finish, wooden doors are timeless in their style and can soften the effect of any interior décor, making them a durable and long-lasting solution suitable for every home.

In fact, wooden doors have been known to push the value of a property up – making them a good investment for those looking to sell their home in the near future.

2. They are versatile and completely unique

With so many different types of wood now available in the homeware and interior design markets, wooden doors are among some of the most versatile solutions when it comes to finding the best design and finish for you. From the natural grain in hardwood to the variety of colours available across both hardwood and engineered wood solutions, when you opt for wooden doors, you really can benefit from the design and finish of your choice – with the versatility of wood as a material also meaning that your doors can be embellished with your choice of patterning and structural detail.

3. They are secure and reliable

Wooden doors don’t just look good, they are hard wearing and secure too thanks to their immense strength and the malleable nature of wood which makes it easy to adjust and fit perfectly within a door frame or framed space.

4. They are sustainable

An increasingly prominent benefit of wooden doors, particularly natural hardwood doors, is their sustainable nature – making this a factor that we cannot ignore. Using a renewable material, with some of the best woods for such uses grown here in the UK, the lack of shipping and ease of regrowth means that wood is one of the best materials for sustainable and environmentally friendly homes.

5. They are energy efficient

We have already mentioned a little about how engineered wood is the most effective at retaining heat inside the home – however both this material and solid hardwood boast levels of thermal efficiency which render them ideal options for those looking to minimise their bills over winter. Wood is an effective insulator which helps to keep them warm in, while also dulling the transfer of noise from room to room and from the outside world into your home.

All of these benefits add up to one conclusion – wooden doors are both highly effective and stylish additions to the home. So, what should you consider when making your final decisions and purchasing wooden doors?

Things to consider before buying wooden doors

Finally, there are considerations that are worth paying attention to before you commit to your wooden doors – namely relating to cost. The fact is wooden doors, particularly hardwood doors, are expensive, which means that replacing all of your internal doors with cohesive hardwood ones is a costly exercise which can fast rise above the standard renovation budget.

Engineered wood is a more cost effective solution, however you will need to weigh up the benefit of the cheaper price tag against the fact that it may not last as long and so your doors will need replacing sooner than it you opted for hardwood.

All in all, wooden doors don’t just look great – they boast all manner of other benefits which, for many homeowners, make them a worthwhile investment. For more on this and to source your perfect wooden doors, get in touch with our team today.