Reasons to Consider Bespoke Furniture for a Commercial Office

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Let’s be honest, getting people back into the office full time hasn’t been the easiest ride. Most businesses which lend themselves to home and remote working have found it difficult to encourage people back into the office – with home offices and remote working spaces offering the kind of comfort and flexibility that is difficult to replicate in a large, commercial space.

Until now.

Bespoke furniture is a solution which is becoming increasingly popular across commercial offices, as companies and businesses of all sizes look to promote higher rates of retention, encourage greater engagement with working in the office, and create branded spaces which support productivity as well as looking great.

With all that said, what are some of the core reasons why your business should consider custom made furniture as part of your next office interior design project?

Bespoke furniture tends to be higher quality

The number one benefit of bespoke furniture and custom made joinery solutions, for both commercial and private clients, is the quality they get. Bespoke pieces are built to last, and often use the best quality materials combined with genuine skilled craftsmanship to ensure that the edges and surfaces are durable and made to withstand regular use.

Not only is this good for your business in terms of long term value, but it also contributes towards morale by showing your team that you are committed to their comfort and willing to invest in furniture which supports them every day.

Custom made furniture will fit all the corners and angles of your office

Custom made bespoke office furniture

This is a particularly prominent benefit in the current commercial landscape, where more and more businesses are taking on office premises in unique and innovative spaces and buildings. Bespoke furniture is a great way to use every inch of space available to you in an efficient and productive way – meaning you no longer have to cut off odd corners with straight edged desks and can optimise the amount of space available for moving around and navigating the office.

Bring your branding to life with bespoke options

What better way to harness a great first impression for guests and clients, than with subtly branded surroundings. This could be a sofa that’s made to replicate the shape of your brand logo, or storage solutions which boast your branding carved into the frontage – it could even be carpets finished in your brand colours or accessories designed to reflect your brand vision. Whatever it is, custom made furnishings can be created and finished however you like, making them prime for branding opportunities and well suited to those spaces where you really want your brand to shine.

It looks good

Stripping it back to basics, whether or not you factor branding and your company vision into the design of your furniture, bespoke pieces which are made for the space they occupy simply look great. Offering a professional aesthetic which nurtures the kind of first impression you want to give off, bespoke furnishings show that you are willing to invest in the space you work in, that you take pride in your commercial space and your team, and that you are a company or business that people should take seriously.

Give team members what they want

From breakout spaces to quiet areas, collaborative working spaces, and wellness areas, the more you can design your commercial office around your workers, the more motivated they will be. And we don’t need to tell you that motivated employees equal better productivity and higher retention rates.

Whether you select bespoke furniture which optimises comfort, factor flexible working spaces into your office, or give your team somewhere relaxing to enjoy time on their break, when you invest in your team, they will reward you with loyalty.

Is bespoke furniture worth the price tag?

The price of bespoke furnishings will differ depending on what you’re looking for and the kind of materials you want our team to use – however, we work with clients to ensure that our services are as accessible and budget-friendly as possible. Whether it’s specific desks or seating which fits into a certain corner or compliments a certain aspect of your brand, our team can advise and provide more information about hat to expect from our bespoke joinery services.

And remember, when it all comes down to it, you get what you pay for.