14th July 2019
Bathroom carpet floor guide

How to Make Carpet Work in a Bathroom

Many people will shy away from carpets in a bathroom, and an interior design company might suggest a hard flooring alternative. However, if you’ve got your […]
4th July 2019
Bar design guide

How To Design A Commercial Bar: A Mini Guide

Opening a bar is no easy task, and if your aim is to be a favourite spot among locals and tourists, then it is important you […]
24th June 2019
Kitchen floor

6 Outstanding Kitchen Flooring Ideas

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the entire home. It is where you prepare your favourite meals, entertain your guests and spend quality […]
14th June 2019
Spacious office interior layout

Seven Things to Consider When Planning an Office Layout

Whether you’re redesigning an existing office space or moving to a new location, getting your office layout right can have significant benefits for your business and […]
4th June 2019
Modern interior design

Modern vs Contemporary Design: The Key Differences

If the Oxford English Dictionary is to be followed, the words modern (‘a current or recent style or trend’) and contemporary (‘following modern ideas in style […]
24th May 2019
Interior design tips

Seven Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

While home sales in the UK are relatively flat at the moment thanks to the uncertainties around Brexit, there has been an increase in the number […]
14th May 2019
Staircase design guide

Staircase Design Guide

For many properties, the staircase is situated at the heart of the home. Not only a practical component for getting around your space, but also an […]
4th May 2019
Small living room

10 Design Ideas to Make a Small Living Room Seem Bigger

An ample living space is a dream that many of us have, but it often simply isn’t a feasible option. Urban neighbourhoods and apartments have seen […]
24th April 2019
Kitchen cabinet design guide

Kitchen Cabinet Design Guide

The kitchen is often considered as the most important room in a home. It is where you socialise, prepare meals and spend a significant amount of […]