31st May 2021
Simple home office

Home Office Design Tips and Ideas

The setup of your workspace can make a huge impact on your productivity, which is why a lot of people are starting to pay extra attention […]
23rd May 2021
Fitted wardrobe in bedroom

Fitted Wardrobe Design Guide

Got so many clothes that your drawers are overflowing? A fitted wardrobe could be the ideal solution for you to incorporate within your overall bedroom design. […]
14th May 2021
Bespoke furniture being created

What Is Actually Meant by ‘Bespoke Furniture’?

What is bespoke furniture? Bespoke furniture is essentially any furniture that has been made to order, so every piece is unique and is crafted in line […]
14th October 2019
Stylish coffee shop design

Cafe Design Tips That Will Stand the Test of Time

The basic idea behind a cafe is simple. You serve great food and drinks and people keep coming back. However, in reality, there are a lot […]
20th August 2019
Bedroom design tips

Bedroom Interior Design: A Mini Guide

Your bedroom is likely to be the space that you spend the majority of your time in when you are at home. Even if most of […]
30th July 2019
Business reception area

6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Reception Area for Your Business

When it comes to your business, first impressions really do count. The process of designing a functional office for your employees to work in is one […]
14th July 2019
Bathroom carpet floor guide

How to Make Carpet Work in a Bathroom

Many people will shy away from carpets in a bathroom, and an interior design company might suggest a hard flooring alternative. However, if you’ve got your […]
4th July 2019
Bar design guide

How To Design A Commercial Bar: A Mini Guide

Opening a bar is no easy task, and if your aim is to be a favourite spot among locals and tourists, then it is important you […]
24th June 2019
Kitchen floor

6 Outstanding Kitchen Flooring Ideas

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the entire home. It is where you prepare your favourite meals, entertain your guests and spend quality […]