Restaurant Design Trends 2022

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The world of food, dining, and eating out has become more diverse and experiential than ever before – with businesses creating fusion menus, memorable surroundings, quirky flavours, and more, all within the realms of the restaurant industry.

For the purposes of this blog post, we’re focussing on those memorable surroundings that restaurant businesses create; sharing some of the top trends that are currently shaping the industry, in the hopes of inspiring other restaurants to try new things and jump onto some of these trends – or even create their own.

The importance of experience

Before we jump into exploring some of the top trends, almost every one of the following trends and ideas is born from the importance of experience.

Diners no longer want to just visit a restaurant, eat, and leave. They will often handpick restaurants based on the quality of the experience, and that which will give them more for their money – whether that comes in the form of the surroundings, the menu, the service, or any other sensory experiences.

The Trends

1. Indoor gardens and greenery

The house plant craze has gone through the roof in the interior design industry, with indoor greenery a main player in the home décor market. But have you noticed that the exact same trend is making waves in the restaurant world as well?

Greenery inside a restaurant

From vases of flowers on the tables to flower arches surrounding the doorways, to vines which are suspended and hanging from the ceiling, indoor greenery creates a vibrant, fresh, and whimsical vibe which is not just popular but highly instagrammable for the modern market!

2. Photo features

Speaking of Instagram, another trend in the restaurant industry is the rise of photographic features – from photo walls to neon signs, wall painted graphics, oversized furnishings, and more.

When you give diners something specific to take a photo of or with, you create organic marketing – enabling them to take a photo and share it with their network, ideally tagging your business in the process.

3. Flexible dining options

It is not uncommon to walk into a restaurant and be offered a seat at the bar while you wait for your table – but more and more we are seeing a rise in the versatility and flexibility of restaurants in terms of the dining options they offer to guests.

Bar dining, booths, formal dining chairs, and private rooms all offer their own kind of experience to diners – with this degree of flexibility allowing a restaurant to appeal to a wider market.

4. Recycled furnishings

It could be recycled pallets lining the bar; it could be tables made from recycled wood; it could be pre-loved chairs which come together to create an eclectic vibe. Whatever it is, the more that restaurants can do to boost their eco-credentials, the better in the eyes of modern diners.

5. Focus on creating the right mood

Aesthetic design and décor has always been used to dictate and create the right kind of mood for a restaurant business, but we are now seeing an increased usage of lighting, technology, and digital décor to create an even more immersive experience and vibe for diners.

Technology enables restaurant staff to dim the lights for an evening seating, change the colour of the lights for specific events and themed nights, and match the lighting with the music and other soundscapes in the restaurant.

And it’s not all technology. As part of this focus on creating an immersive mood, décor and colour palettes also play a big part in restaurant interior design, with neutrals and light colours perfect for a modern restaurant while rich and deeper colours are often used to create more of a homely, traditional vibe.

6. Dining pods and outdoor dining

This final trend is a direct result of the pandemic, which saw restaurant businesses allowed to open if they could prove a deliberate attempt at keeping diners separated. The creation of dining pods is something which was so popular, that the exclusivity has trickled into everyday dining and remains something that diners continue to look for as part of a dining experience.

Another part of this, is the rise in alfresco dining – with many restaurants creating and installing their own decks, patios, and simple outdoor gardens which facilitate the diner’s desire to eat outside and really soak up the natural atmosphere.

All of these restaurant trends are part and parcel of running a dining business in 2022 – with our team able to help you bring your ideal design ideas to life. For more information, get in touch.